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Getting to Know Quezon Province: Borawan, Dampalitan and Kuwebang Lampas

Aside from Cagbalete Island, there are more beaches you can visit in the province of Quezon. Not far from Lucena City the capital of Quezon, is the town of Pagbilao and Padre Burgos where the beautiful island of Borawan and Dampalitan, and Kuwebang Lampas/Puting Buhangin beach is located. Borawan and Dampalitan Islands are in Padre Burgos, while Kuwebang Lampas is in Pagbilao. But you can access the three in Padre Burgos by boat.
Borawan Island

How to Get There

By public transportation, and coming from Manila, ride a bus bound for Lucena City in Quezon. Jac Liner, Jam Transit, Lucena Liner, and Ceres Transport are several bus lines that have the Lucena route. Terminals are in Buendia, Kamias and Cubao. Bus Fare is around PhP 210.00 and approximately 3-4 hours travel time.

The bus will stop at Lucena Grand Terminal. From there, ride a minibus bound to Padre Burgos and ask to be dropped off in Brgy. Marao. The fare is PhP 35.00 and around an hour or more travel time. When in Brgy. Marao, go to May Ann's store for Mang Rudy and Aling Tess .
A small boat fetched us to transfer in a bigger boat
You need to rent a boat so I suggest to contact a boatman before getting there. I read in another blog about Mang Rudy and Aling Tess (+63 921-454-3137) for an island hopping tour so we contacted them. They were very kind and will provide and remind you everything you need for the tour. Our boatmen were also a great tour guide, we wanted to give them a tip for good service, but they refuse it. I highly recommend these guys for your ride.

There is also an available secured parking lot in their place if you opt to bring a vehicle. Parking fee is PhP 50.00 for a day tour, but I'm not sure how much for overnight. It might be PhP 100.00.
Here are the prices on the boat rides or island hopping tour:

  • Borawan: PhP 800.00
  • Borawan + Dampalitan: PhP 1200.00
  • Borawan + Dampalitan + Kuwebang Lampas: PhP 1800.00

The view on the way to Kuwebang Lampas, the locals call it "Mag-asawang Bato"
This island is full of snakes they say

If you arrived at Padre Burgos late and needed to stay in a lodge or inn for the night, you could stay in Villa Anita also in Padre Burgos. It is just 10 - 15 minutes away from May Ann's store. The place is very nice and clean. We stayed here for the night since we arrived in Padre Burgos around 8 pm, since we came from Cagbalete. Their normal price for an air-conditioned room for 4 is PhP 1400.00, but they gave it to us for PhP 900.00 since we are leaving 5:30 am in the morning to start our Island Hopping at 6 am. Here's their contact number: +63 916-936-0260.
Villa Anita, nice and clean rooms

First stop: Kuwebang Lampas aka Puting Buhangin

The farthest beach from the port where you left since it is in Pagbilao. Around 45 minutes to 1-hour boat ride, you'll reach this place. You'll be passing Borawan and Dampalitan and some small islands on the way here. This beach is the most swimmable one. It has a fine creamy white sand and clear blue waters. On the right side of the beach is a small cave where its name probably came.
Approaching Kuwebang Lampas
Puting Buhangin, literally white sand.
Cave on the right side of the beach
Entrance of the cave
Don't dare jumping
Another view of the cave entrance
The water inside the cave is just knee deep
Fishes you can see inside the cave.
The other side of the cave, this area is a little deep

Entrance fee at the beach is PhP 80.00 for day tour and PhP 160.00 for overnight with discounts for students and senior citizens. For overnight campers, there are tents that can be rented for PhP 500.00, good for 3 and if you have your own tent, there is a PhP 200.00 pitching fee. There are restrooms available, but it's not very well maintained. There are no stores around the area.
Cottages are also available
Ow yes!

Second stop: Dampalitan Island

The least crowded beach among the three is this one. Probably because it's still early and the sandbar doesn't show up till afternoon where it is low tide. Also, this is the best spot where you can watch the sunset. The water here though is not as good as Kuwebang Lampas and there are some jellyfish in the area. We didn't stay long on the island since we were just on a half day tour so I just took some photos around.
Approaching Dampalitan Island
A few people swimming

Entrance fee at the island is PhP 80.00 also for day tour and PhP 160.00 for overnight with discounts for students and senior citizens. I'm not sure though about the tent rent cost and pitching fee. There are restrooms also available.
Side where the sandbar comes out when it's low-tide

Last stop: Borawan

Probably the most popular of the three. This is also the closest to Padre Burgos, It's just a 15-minute boat ride. Borawan got its name from Boracay and Palawan for its Boracay like sand and Palawan like rock formations. That's the reason why it suddenly became popular among tourists. The beach is really beautiful, but the water sometimes becomes so murky, you can't even see anything underwater. There are also jellyfishes so they put up a netted area where it's safe to swim. You can also rent a kayak or pedal boat for some extra activities. There is also a "sari-sari" store in the area.
Approaching Borawan
Almost there
Nets are placed to keep jellyfishes away
Dinosaur-shaped rock formation
More rock formations near the shore
Cottages are also available
Side activities
Bonfire is prohibited
Borawan has the most expensive entrance fee of the three. Day tour is PhP 150.00 and an overnight stay is PhP 220.00 with discounts also for students and senior citizens. Though they have that entrance fee, the beach is overcrowded with tents.

Please don't do this

Some parts of the beach also stink. Yes, literally stinks. I don't know if it is the restroom's fault or some people just go peeing in the rocks. Beer bottles are just scattered around the sand and some rocks have a plastic garbage tucked into it. It really angers me when some stupid, idiot tourist does this. Anyways, like our boatman says, don't believe everything you saw on the internet. Borawan is a lovely place, but it may also disappoint you when you expect it to be just like Boracay and Palawan. I leave you more photos of Borawan.

Quick tips

  • For boat rides, you may contact Rudy/Tess at +63 921-454-3137
  • If you opt to stay in town for the night, you can stay in Villa Anita, you may contact them at +63 916-936-0260
  • Bring foods that you can cook in the island. Mang Rudy can provide the kitchen utensil you need.
  • You can camp in any of the three, just bring your own tent since it will cost you PhP 500.00 that is only good for 3 pax, while pitching fee is only PhP 200.00
  • Better bring a flashlight and power banks
  • All of the islands have a shower room and restroom

Estimated Overnight Expenses

  • Roundtrip Bus Fare Manila - Lucena: PhP 210.00 * 2 = PhP 420.00
  • Roundtrip Bus Fare Lucena - Padre Burgos: PhP 35.00 * 2 = PhP 75.00
  • Food: (estimated contribution of 4 pax for lunch, dinner and breakfast) PhP 500.00
  • Island Hopping Tour: PhP 1800.00 / 4 = PhP 450.00
  • Entrance Fees: PhP 80.00 (Kuwebang Lampas) + PhP 150.00 (Borawan) + PhP 160.00 (Dampalitan) = PhP 390.00
  • Tent Fee: PhP 200.00 / 4 = PhP 50.00
  • Total: PhP 1885.00

For less than PhP 2000.00, you can enjoy a great overnight stay in Quezon's beautiful beaches. It's a bonus that it's only 4 hours away from Manila. So pack your things this weekend and head to Quezon! Travel, enjoy and remember, leave nothing behind and take only selfies!
Cheers from Borawan!


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


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