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Weekend Getaway: Bukal Falls in Majayjay, Laguna

Aside from Taytay Falls (aka Imelda Falls/Majayjay Falls), the quiet town of Majayjay in the province of Laguna is home to another beautiful waterfall. Bukal Falls, which lies at the foot of Mount Banahaw, 1709.3ft above sea level, is also known as Kilangin Falls and Maimpis Falls.
Bukal Falls

How To Get There

Majayjay is located at the foot of Mount Banahaw, which is around 120 kilometers south of Manila, it is bounded by the municipality of Magdalena on the north, Lucban in Quezon province on the southeast, by Luisiana on the northeast, and by Liliw on the west.

  • From Buendia/Cubao, take a bus bound for Santa Cruz, Laguna and get off at Pagsawitan or at the terminal of jeepney bound to Majayjay. The fare is PhP 140.00 and travel time is around an hour and a half.
  • Ride a jeep bound to Majayjay and tell the driver to drop you off at Bukal Falls entry point in Brgy Bukal. The fare is PhP 35.00 and travel time is 30 to 45 minutes
  • Take a tricycle to the barangay hall of Brgy. Bukal.
  • Alternatively, you can hire a tricycle in Pagsawitan to take you directly to Brgy. Bukal's barangay hall. The fare for a one-way ride should be around PhP 300 to 350 that is good for 4 - 5 persons and travel time is around an hour.
  • If you opt to bring a vehicle, there's also an available pay parking space for PhP 40.00
Tricycle Fare
Bukal Barangay Hall

Registration and Guide Fees

Guests are required to register and hire a tour guide upon arriving at Brgy. Bukal. Rates for the registration and guide fee follows:
  • Registration Fee: PhP 30.00 per person
  • Tour Guide Fee: PhP 300.00 per group
Registration area

The Hike

The whole hike is around 45 minutes. From the barangay hall, you will need to walk to the starting point of the hike, where the concrete road ends and where horses are standing by for guests to ride for PhP 150.00 per person. The trail is just a straight unpaved road that is mostly shaded since a lot of trees is covering it. You will see a lot of vegetables, especially tomatoes planted along the way.
Start of hike
Horse at the starting point taking a break
Local kids riding their horse with their harvested plants

When you see the sign that directs you to turn right to Bukal Falls, you will see a 'sari-sari' store where you can rest for a while and buy some refreshments. From here, the trail will be downhill, a little steep and slippery. You'll see a stream with a bamboo bridge that you will need to cross to reach the first pool of the waterfalls.
The horse can only take you up to this part, from here it's all walking
Sari-sari store and resting area
Taking a break
Continue to the trail
Downhill trail, you can hear the waterfalls from this point
Going 4x4 LOL!
Crossing the stream
Or just take the bamboo bridge
"Pabebe Girls"
Almost there

The Waterfall

Bukal falls have 2 pools, the lower part that has a small rocky water cascade and is not so very deep, and the upper part with a max depth of 14 feet that is good for diving. Both pools have crystal clear freezing ice cold waters. I think maybe colder than Taytay Falls. The water cascade of the upper part is scattered around the walls around the pool. During summer, the top most water cascade is dry.
The first pool
Clear blue waters
Water cascade
The enchanting Bukal Falls
The icy cold water comes from Mt. Banahaw
Danger Zone
Small statue of Virgin Mary on top of one of the cascades
One of the cascades
Dried up water cascade
"Pabebe Girls v2"
Chilling out

Life vests can be rented for PhP 50.00 each. There are no restrooms and shower rooms in the area. The shower rooms are located in the barangay hall, but some of the tour guides are kind enough to let their guests use their shower at their own homes. Our tour guide, Kuya Richard, not only let us use their shower, but also gave us a lot of their harvested tomatoes! There are also no stores around the area so it's better to bring cooked foods since it also prohibited to cook or even grill in the area. If you are planning overnight, Kuya Richard said that it is allowed to camp at the lower part of the falls.
Camping for overnight
Taking a shot before we leave

After the waterfall adventure and if you're looking a place to eat in Majayjay, I would recommend a little restaurant named Jabella (not Arabella in Liliw) in the town proper, just across Majayjay Church. The food here is quite good and it's really cheap. They served pasta, pizzas, burgers and sides, rice meals and refreshing drinks.
Jabella in Majayjay town proper
Inside the restaurant

Some of the food we had, we never missed to eat in this place whenever we're in Majayjay

Quick Tips

  • The hike is around 30 to 45 minutes.
  • You can go overnight camping at the lower part of the falls.
  • Restrooms and shower rooms are not available in the waterfall area.
  • Cooking and grilling are prohibited in the waterfall area.
  • Life vests can be rented for PhP 50.00 each.
  • Nearby waterfalls are Taytay Falls, Cavinti, Talay and Hulugan Falls.
  • The waterfalls might be crowded during the weekends.
Cheers from Majayjay!


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