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Weekend Getaway: Pagsanjan Falls aka Cavinti Falls in Laguna

Laguna is very known for its hot spring resorts, lakes, century-old churches, and waterfalls. One famous waterfall here is the Pagsanjan Falls, which is also known as Cavinti (since it's actually located in Cavinti) and locally known as Magdapio Falls.

How to get there

There are two options you can choose to get to the waterfalls. One is the popularly known "Shooting the Rapids" in Pagsanjan which you will ride a boat to the waterfall, and the Cavinti route which is a challenging hike and rappel to reach the waterfall.
Activities in Cavinti
  • From Buendia, ride a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Fare is around PhP 140++, 2-hour ride.
  • In Sta. Cruz, you can either take a jeepney (PhP 8.00) to Pagsanjan or a tricycle (around PhP 50++) to take you directly to The Tourism Office.
  • The standard rate for the boat ride is PhP 1250.00 per person, which includes the bamboo raft ride, life vests, entrance fees and the use of washrooms.
  • *Tip: Make sure that you will only get the boatmen from the Tourism Office and licensed.

  • Same with Pagsanjan Route, Ride a bus in Buendia bound to Sta. Cruz for PhP 140++.
  • In Sta. Cruz, take a jeepney going to Cavinti (fare is around PhP 27.00), then a tricycle to Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Grove in Brgy Tibatib.
  • Then entrance fee of the park is PhP 270.00 per person, which includes a tour guide to the waterfalls, bamboo raft ride, life vests, safety harness, and the use of washrooms.

  • Reception Area
    Entrance fee of  PhP 270.00 for children and adults

    Hike to the Waterfalls

    We were not prepared for this trip as we were just having a food trip in Lucban. We don't have extra clothes so we just bought some from the market in Lucban. Anyways, We took the Cavinti Route since we are more adventurous and the "Shooting the Rapids" is a more expensive (LOL). After paying the entrance fee, we put on some safety harness and started the hike.
    Ready for the hike!
    That way
    Start of Hike
    We didn't know what the safety harness is for until we reached an area where there is a caged ladder (like a fire exit ladder) that you will rappel down. After rappeling down, we continued to walk and reached another area where the harness will be used. This time, we need to go down a stair that is almost 90 degrees inclined!
    Scenic area ahead
    View deck with El Salvador Del Mundo statue
    Nope, this is not the almost 90 degrees inclined stairs
    Waiting to rappel down
    Rappelling down the caged ladder
    More stairs
    Now this is the almost 90 degrees inclined stairs!

    Another caged ladder to rappel down
    Almost there!
    The that boats came from the Pagsanjan route

    After those exciting descend from the ladder and stairs, we finally reached the waterfalls. To go near the waterfalls, we rode a bamboo raft that is being pulled through the area where the water drops. The most exciting part is when you push inside the waterfall cave and water from the waterfall drops to your head real hard LOL! We stayed inside the cave for a moment and just went swimming.
    You can almost see the waterfall
    Finally! We reached the waterfall!
    Nearing the waterfalls
    Yeah this is the most excting part!
    And the most painful LOL!
    Inside the cave
    See that water? That's the one that hit our head LOL

    It was a nice adventure and definitely an exciting one, so if you haven't been to Cavinti Falls, so plan ahead and make a trip this weekend! Thanks for reading!
    Cheers from Cavinti!


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    1. Amazing vubrant photos you have Mike.. Thanks for sharing your weekend getaway! if you wish to explore more waterfalls in Laguna you can checkhttps://outdoorislife.com/event/waterfalls-laguna-day-tour/.Hike through rainforests, rappel down a gorge and canoe through rapids to see some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Philippines...

    2. Hi! How much time did you spend for this getaway? Or around what time did you start travelling and started leaving the place? Thank you!

    3. Hi.Is there a required headcounts to visit cavinti route?

    4. I'm really confused between Cavinti and pagsanjan falls. Coz. Last 11-27-2022 we went to the town of pagsanjan. And we were blocked by men near the church town pretending they were the official tour guide. They took us a boat ride worth 1,250. Plus 100 for landing fee. We just reached the First falls as the brochure shows. Didn't reached the Natural pool with Pagsanjan falls as they were saying the river is still too risking to raft due to big current. I think something is really wrong. Please avoid these people who are pretending to deceived tourists.

      1. Thank you for sharing this info.

    5. Hello po inquire po

    6. hello anyone po alam if magkano napo entrance fee sa pasanjan falls? Thanks