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Cavite: Weekend Hike in Mt. Pico de Loro and Side Trip in Cavite de Boracay

Here's another beginner friendly mountain for those who wants to try mountain climbing. Mt. Pico De Loro in the boundary of Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas is perfect for a weekend climb since it is just near in Manila and can be finished within a day.
Pico De Loro's  The Monolith 

How to get there

Mt. Palay-Palay or Pico De Loro, situated on the boundary of Cavite and Batangas, is an hour drive or around 55 KM from Pasay City via Manila–Cavite Expressway. This way is the fastest way coming from Metro Manila.
  • Ride a bus in Baclaran or Coastal Mall bound to Ternate and get off at Ternate Terminal.
  • In the bus terminal, ride a tricycle going to the DENR station.
  • Limited Parking is available for PhP 50.00. You can also park outside (free) if parking is already full.
DENR Station entrance banner

When you reached the station, go to the registration area to register. The entrance fee is PhP 25.00 per hiker. The tour guide is not required, but you can hire also for PhP 1000.00. There are also stores at the corner for some refreshments and snacks.
The registration area
Buying some arm sleeves

We hired a tour guide since we have some newbies in the climb. We started the climb with a decent hike in the forest and saw some small body of water along the trail. Before, there are two trails you can take to reach the peak. However, only the new trail is passable now since they already closed the old one. Our tour guide said that the new trail is much easier he also said that overnight camping is not allowed anymore.
Start of trail
Small streams of water
Going into the forest
The whole hike is in the forest so it's not so hot. Average time to reach the peak is around 2 hours, but I think we did more than that. From the simple hike through the forest at the beginning, the hike turns a little challenging as the trail becomes steeper.
Good thing there are trees that give shade
Just a little more to the peak
Close up of the peak
A lot of hikers climbing that time

We saw the famous monolith when we reached the peak. From the peak, we climb down to go to the base of the monolith. They limit the people at the top of the monolith so you'll have to fall in line and wait for your turn to go up. The climb to the monolith is a little challenging. On the side of it, you need to climb using a rope. There is only one way of going up and down to the monolith so there's a little traffic.
Mt. Pico De Loro's peak
Some coves in Batangas are seen from the peak
At the base of the monolith
A narrow path going to the top
Line of hikers going to the top
Climbing the big rock

It was a breathtaking view (and climb) at the top of the monolith. The peak from the other side is much higher than the monolith, but, being on the of the monolith while some buddies of yours are taking photos of you is awesome!
View from the top of the monolith
Yeah that's three is us
Solo shot (nope, just edited LOL)
Got caught taking a selfie
Nice view from the top

*NOTE: As of Mar 15, 2016, DENR-PENRO-Cavite temporarily prohibits the climbing of the monolith due to seen erosion and loss of vegetation.

*UPDATE: As of Oct 1, 2016 Pico de Loro will be closed to hiking activities for rehabilitation. The closure is indefinite and will apply to all trails (source: pinoymountaineer.com).

Side trip: Boracay de Cavite

A lot of local guides suggested a nearby beach called Boracay de Cavite or Katungkulan Beach. It is around 10 KM away from the DENR station, inside Gen. Gregorio Lim Marine Base. You can rent a tricycle to get to it. The entrance fee is PhP 100.00 per person for day tour and PhP 200.00 for an overnight stay. Parking is free by the way.
Gen. Gregorio Lim Marine Base

Entrance and parking area of the beach

There are rooms that you can rent near the beach and you can also pitch a tent. There are also some stores and eateries inside. Though the place is called Cavite de Boracay, don't expect for white sand. The sand here is fine and creamy gray. Restrooms are shower rooms are also available but, it's not well maintained. The is a good place to relax after a day hike in Mt. Pico de Loro.
Katungkulan Beach (Boracay De Cavite)
Waiting for sunset
Cheers from Cavite!


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  1. Hello, pwede ko ba malaman kung magkano po bayad sa Tricycle from DENR going to Cavite de Boracay beach? Salamat po ha :) sobrang helpful ng blog mo :)

    1. Hi Dian, I think it's around P100 per head for the tricycle. Glad to help :)

  2. Kelan po ulit mabubuksan ang pico?? Please update po thanks