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Busuanga and Coron: Town Tour in Coron

Before exploring the beautiful island of Coron, we first explored the small town of Coron. This basic town tour is usually included when you avail a tour package. You can also just go for a DIY town tour by renting a tricycle.
Cross and Coron Sign in Mt. Tapyas 
Coron town proper is around 45 minutes away from Busuanga Airport by land travel. Aside from air travel, you can also reach Coron by ferries from Manila and other provinces in the Philippines. Coron is the gateway to the tourist destinations in the Calamian Islands.
The sleeping giant
Originally, Coron is a separate island from Busuanga. Before, the whole island that hosts Coron town is just Busuanga. The original island of Coron (the one you can see from the town proper that looks like a sleeping giant) is made out of limestones and it's hard to construct structures in the island. Hence, the government divided the Busuanga Island to the towns Busuanga and Coron. The original Coron Island is taken care of by its indigenous people, the Tagbanuas.
Coron Island
From the lodge that we are staying, we were picked up by our guide and ride the tricycle to our first destination. First on the tour is the Coron Souvenir Shop. We just got in Coron and the first thing we did was to buy souvenirs LOL. The souvenir shop is located along the main road. You can find here any "pasalubong" stuff like keychains, ref magnets, t-shirts, wall display and many more.
Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop
Wood-work displays for sale in the souvenir shop
Various souvenir items in the shop
After buying some souvenirs, we headed to Lualhati Park. The park is situated in a reclaimed area together with the public market and tourist dock for the boats that are going to and from the tourist spots. The park has a nice view of Coron Island.
Lualhati park
Mt. Tapyas from Lualhati Park
Next on our tour is Mt. Tapyas. It is probably the most popular landmark in the town of Coron. It is called "Tapyas" (which can be translated to chipped off) because the side mountain has been chipped off when it got bombarded during world war 2. Getting to the view deck is a little challenge since you have to climb 700+ steps but, it's sure worth it to reach the top and
Posing for 700th step
Steel cross on the top of Mt. Tapyas
Checking out the view
Coron town view from top
The mandatory selfie
At the side of Mt. Tapyas
Oh well, 700 steps again, at least it's downhill
Before we went to our last destination in the tour, we stopped by to Coron Cashew Harvest to buy some roasted cashews. Cashew or "Kasuy" is very common in Busuanga and Coron that is why you can always see someone selling cashews.
Coron Harvest
Photos of customers together with the owner
Fried Garlic Kasuy
Our last stop is Maquinit Hotspring in Brgy. Tagumpay, around 10 to 15-minute ride from the town. The road going here is a little bumpy. Entrance fee is PhP 200.00 per person. The temperature in the pool is around 30 to 40 degree Celsius. From the main pool, you can have a beautiful view of the sea. There are also cottages and tables available.
Unpaved roads going to Maquinit Hotspring
Rates with opening and closing time
Welcome to Maquinit Hotsprings
This weird mask welcomes you
The main pool area
Water from the smaller pool is slightly hotter
Relaxing in the hot spring

A tourist posing in the mangrove area of the hot spring
So that's what you can expect from the town tour of Coron. Thanks for reading!
Cheers from Coron!


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