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Busuanga and Coron: Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon and Barracuda Lake

Our Coron Island Tour really captivated me and make me want to see more of Coron. We have some free time till noon before we leave Coron in the afternoon, so we decided to explore a little more of Coron Island by renting a private boat.

We got our boat for PhP 1500.00 for a half day tour with three destinations; Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake. The entrance fee is not included in the 1500.00 so we also paid PhP 100.00 per person for each destination. We are 2 in the group so that's a total of PhP 600.00 for all three destinations.
On the way to our first tour destination

Skeleton Wreck

We started the tour early since we only had a half day tour. Our first destination is the Skeleton Wreck, a sunken Japanese ship. Since we are early on our tour, we had the place all for ourselves.
Preparing to dock
Clear turquoise water

The shipwreck can be visibly seen when you look closely to the water. There is a rope connected from the shipwreck to a floater above, that you can use as a guide if you want to dive into the shipwreck. Unlike the Lusong shipwreck that is not completely destroyed, the shipwreck here is just really the skeleton of the ship. There's also a lot of fishes here swimming by.
Shipwreck is visible above
Front view of the shipwreck
More photos of the skeleton wreck
Fishes swimming around the area
Free diving in the shipwreck

Twin Lagoon

We proceed to our next destination after snorkeling and diving in the Skeleton Shipwreck. Our boat docked in the first lagoon. We then jumped into the water and swam to a platform built on a rock, that has a stairs going to the second lagoon. There is also a passage underneath that platform that you can also go through, but if it is high tide, you need to swim through it.
The first lagoon
Ladder and passage that leads to the second lagoon
Passage underneath the platform
Swimming through the passage
The ladder to the second lagoon

The water in the both lagoons is brackish, or a mixed of salt and fresh water. The water is sometimes is cold and then gets warm. We got the place all to ourselves again so it's so quiet and peaceful on the place.
The second lagoon
Turquoise clear waters of the second lagoon
Enjoying the water
We're the only ones here!

Barracuda Lake

Last but definitely not the least on the tour is the Barracuda Lake, also in Coron Island. Like Kayangan, this lake is also open to the public. Our tour guide said that a huge barracuda live here but, is hiding and is hard to find. From the boat dock, A little walk to a wooden stair and you'll reach the lake.
Approaching Barracuda Lake
Wooden pathway to Barracuda Lake
Path going to the lake

The lake is scenic as Kayangan Lake. The water is also brackish and a lot of divers dive here to search the barracuda or just to enjoy the marine life below. There are rock formations at the side where a few shrimps, sea snails and catfish can be found. Aside from diving, snorkeling and swimming, you can also do a cliff dive in a small rock formation on the side of the lake.
Divers jumping into the water
Breathtaking view of Barracuda Lake
Rock formation where you can climb and dive
Just jump!
Rock formations under the lake
Relaxing and enjoying the scene

I was mesmerized again by the beauty of Coron. Though we only had the half of the day for the tour, it was truly a wonderful experience! Thanks for reading!

Cheers from Coron!


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  1. Hello! This is a very informative post. I am going to Coron with a friend at the end of the month. I would like to know where to rent a boat for when we like to visit Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. wow, Coron has so many cool places to go diving, one week will definitely not be enough so as to explore all of them! I am planning a trip for the Philippines next year and I'm so exicted about Barracuda Lake and wreck diving, especially the Tangat wreck (https://dive.site/explore/site/tangat-wreck-46Kg). Your fabulous photos are making me even more eager to go there. 2019, just come already!!!!

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