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Busuanga and Coron: Black Island, Lusong Coral Garden and Shipwreck

Part of the Calauit Safari tour package we availed was a trip to Black Island in Busuanga and snorkeling in Lusong Coral Garden and shipwreck in Coron. So, after seeing some wild animals in Calauit Safari, we are set to see the caves and beautiful beach of Black Island, a shipwreck and the amazing corals in the coral garden.

Limestone cliffs in Black Island 

How to get there

The most convenient way to get here is to book a tour (cost around PhP 2300.00 per person) at the tour agencies in Coron town proper. They will arrange everything from transportation to entrances as well as food. This tour usually starts around 5 in the morning since it is a 4-hour ride to Calauit Island. Breakfast in included in the tour as well as lunch and some snacks.
Coron tourist port
Breakfast on the boat
Our delicious lunch

Black Island

After the Calauit Safari Tour, the next destination is the Black Island. It's probably 1-hour (or more) boat ride from Calauit Island so we had our lunch on the boat. The island is also known as Malajon Island. It got its name 'Black Island' because of the black limestone rocks that covers the area. Though the limestones are black, the sand on its beach is a gorgeous fine white sand. The island has three small caves and one of them has a natural pool inside.
The back of Black Island from afar.
The shores of Black Island
Fine white sand
Going to the first cave
Rock formations in the first cave

Inside the first cave is the natural pool and some limestone rock formations. By the way, put on some insect repellent when going to the first cave since there are a lot of mosquitos in here. While the first cave is a dead end cave, the second cave connects to the third one. The path of the second cave going to the third cave so you need a flashlight to get through. Don't worry though, it is just a few distance to the exit.
Water is cold in the natural pool
Limestone rock formations
Second and third cave, entrance is at the ladder
No vandalism, please.
Going inside the second cave
Inside the second cave
Rock formations in the second cave
The third cave. Light is coming from the exit. 

Lusong Coral Garden

After a little exploration on Black Island, it's time for snorkeling in Lusong Coral Garden. I'm not sure on the travel time from Black Island to the Coral Garden since I fell asleep on the boat and just woke up when we arrived. As I jump into the water and began snorkeling, I immediately see the big and beautiful corals around. No wonder it's called coral garden since everywhere you look is full of beautiful corals and fishes.
Approaching Lusong Coral Garden
An underwater garden
More corals in the garden

Fishes swimming along

Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck

The last stop for the tour is a sunken World War II Japanese gunboat in front of Lusong Island. The depth is around 9-10 meters according to this site. It was my first time to saw a shipwreck, and I was amazed by it. The gunboat is now covered with corals and is now home to a lot of fishes. I wanted to dive into the shipwreck, but it was too deep for me. I just gave my camera to our tour guide to capture the inside of the shipwreck.
Diving to the shipwreck
A small passage going inside the shipwreck
Corals covered most parts of the ship
Inside the shipwreck

Cheers from Palawan!


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