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Busuanga and Coron: Wildlife in Calauit Safari Park

Aside from the beautiful islands, beaches and amazing diving sites in the Calamian Islands, did you know that you can also find a safari park here. Calauit Safari Park is located in Calauit Islands, northwest of Busuanga. Here you can find wild animals from Africa just roaming in the open area.
Calauit Safari Park

How to get there

The most convenient way to get there is to book a tour from the tour agencies in Coron town proper. They will arrange everything from transportation to entrance fees, as well as food. You can choose from a 3-hour land travel or a 4-hour boat ride. The entrance fee to the park, in case you are wondering, is PhP 200.00 for local tourists and PhP 400.00 for foreigners.
Calauit Island Port

The Safari Park

Upon arriving in the park, you will be proceeding to the information center for the registration and a little briefing. After the briefing, A tour guide will be assigned to your group to start the tour. We did the tour by walking but, there is also a jeepney you can ride.
Information Center
Calauit Safari Park Rates

The safari park is around 3,700 hectares. Most animals like the giraffes, zebras and different species of antelopes are from Kenya. The late president Marcos attended a conference in Africa and discovered that Kenya needs some volunteer countries to adopt some of its wildlife to preserve it from threats like the war and drought. Thus, Calauit Island was declared a wildlife sanctuary.
"Old but not obsolete"
Just a few walk from the information center, you'll immediately see some giraffes and zebras roaming freely around the park. There is a feeding station where you can feed some giraffes. The animals are actually friendly (well, if you are feeding them) but, just to be safe, our tour guide always reminds us to not to get too close to them.
Giraffes and herd of zebras just roaming around
A closer look to our long-necked friends
Each giraffe has a name, but, forgot this dude's name
Zebras going for a drink
A female and a baby Calamian deer. These deers are endemic in Palawan.
Look, a zebra family!
A Zeal; You can tell the zebra's gender by its stripe. The male's stripe is blacker than the female.

The feeding area has a gazebo in the middle before. But, the gazebo got destroyed by typhoon "Yolanda" last 2013. Other trees and structures in the park were also destroyed by the typhoon.
The feeding area. 
Our tour guide showing us how to feed the giraffes
They just love to eat 
They're friendly especially when you have food
Our friend is still hungry
Aside from giraffes, zebras and deers there are other animals in the park that is locally in the Philippines like wild pig, turtles, porcupines, pythons, monkeys and the civet cat or locally known as "musang".
Cute little wild bearded piglets. These piglets are endemic to Palawan.
The plastron or belly of the turtle determines its gender. The male is slightly concave and the female is just straight.
What are they doing? They're wrestling.
Other animals enclosed to a cage in the park
The old but reliable safari jeepney
The 4-hour boat ride is quite long, but I'm sure that is all worth it once you have a little glimpse of the wildlife in Africa.

Cheers from Calauit Safari!


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