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Food Trip: Arabella in Liliw Laguna

The first time I went to Liliw, Laguna was during our Visita Iglesia to go to St. John the Baptist Church. It is a small town near the foot of Mt. Banahaw. This small town is also known as the "Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines" just like Marikina as the shoe capital of the Philippines. Aside from food, Liliw is also home to some delicious foods like Bibingka and Sumang Liliw. Speaking of food, we found a restaurant that is quite popular here in Liliw.
Restaurant facade
Bake house and coffee shop sign
Arabella is from the names of the daughters (Ara and Bela) of the owner. It started from a bake shop and then became a restaurant. Their specialty here is Italian dishes like pasta and pizza.

When we went here after our Visita Iglesia, the restaurant is already closed. They are only until 7 pm and their last order is just until 6:45 pm. But I had the chance to try the restaurant when we went to Quezon for our long weekend trip in Cagbalete and Padre Burgos beaches.
The Menu

The Restaurant

The restaurant is easy to find. It is in the corner of the street next to the street where shoe stores are. The restaurant is a little small and has a low ceiling, but it has a nice ambiance. They also have tables outside.
Pretending we didn't know about the camera
Their ceiling is I think 6 feet high
The price is not that expensive. Comparing it to prices in restaurants in Manila (not fast food) it's much cheaper. Here are some pages from their menu.
Specialty Pasta

For the food, we ordered their specialties, of course, pasta, and pizza. Their best sellers for pasta are 'Spaghettini with anchovies, black olives, and tomato' and 'Pescatora (seafood in tomato sauce)' while for pizzas is 'Kesong Puti' and 'De Luxe'. We had some mojos the Spaghettini with anchovies and De Luxe pizza. Their large pizza is 8 inches in size, and XL is 10 inches.
Spaghettini with anchovies, black olives, and tomato - PhP 230.00
Pescatora - PhP 210.00
XL De Luxe pizza - PhP 340.00
Mojos, dip is good - PhP 80.00
The food was great, especially the pizza. I can say It's worth the price. For the drinks, we had the usual watermelon and lemon shake. What I also really like was their dessert. We had the tiramisu cake, fudgy walnut, and blueberry cheesecake.
Watermelon shake Lemon shake
Tiramisu cake
Fudgy Walnut, this is really good. It's moist inside
Blueberry cheesecake, very nice plating and just so good
The dessert was so good. I'm already full with our meal, but I just had to taste all of them. If that doesn't make you crave for desserts, then here's more.
More cakes!
And more brownies!
Overall, the food was great and worth the price. So whenever you're in Liliw and looking for a place to eat, be sure to try this place out. Thanks for reading!

Cheers from Liliw!


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  1. Nice photos! this is the place na ang sarap balik-balikan. For the price naman! hindi naman siya pricey sakto na siya for friends and family. Thanks for sharing! please make more travel posts :)

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