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Exploring Cebu: Sparkz Dinner Buffet at Crown Regency!

The Sky Fiestaventure package includes 1 ride and a dinner buffet. We did the Sky Walk activity first, which you can read here and had the buffet at Sparkz Buffet at the 37th floor of Crown Regency Cebu.

The place

The Restaurant, (restobar actually) has an excellent view of the city and the ambiance is great. They have a live band but we didn't catch it since it's already late. The staffs are very accommodating to our needs. Sparkz's open hours are from 6 pm to 12 midnight, but the buffet is until 10 pm only.

A scenic city view by the table
The bar
Wine station (not included in the buffet)
The dining area


The buffet consists of Filipino, Asian and Western dishes. They also have a salad bar and dessert station. For drinks, a glass of iced tea will be served but not refillable. Here are some dishes they serve:

Baked Scallops
Lechon Kawali
Pork something?
Western and Filipino dish
Asian dishes
Maki rolls
Mongolian station
Crepe Station
The food was good, I have nothing to complain about. Since we got the buffet in a package with Sky Walk, I have no idea how much it cost for the buffet only. But for PhP 750, It's a good deal to have the buffet and the activity.


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


  1. Hi. I just want to ask kung on-the-spot ba ung pagbili nyo ng ticket for the buffet plus ride? We're visiting Cebu this year and also plan to have the skyventure plus buffet. Pero naisip ko baka pagdating namin dun ubos na ung pass (or IDK, hindi nila kami iacommodate pag on the spot) or hindi available? Thank you :D

    1. Hi Krishna, yup, nag-walk in lang kami for the ride tickets and buffet. You can also call them just to be sure kasi minsan yung rides is closed because of maintenance :)

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