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Exploring Cebu: Tumalog Falls in Oslob!

After whale-shark watching or visiting Sumilon Island, you might also want to visit this majestic waterfalls in Oslob. Surrounded by lush forest, the stunning Tumalog waterfalls is located in Sitio Tumalaog, just a few minutes away from Tan-awan.

How to get there

From the resort that you went whale-shark watching, there are locals that are offering a "Habal-habal" (motorcycle) ride going to the falls for PhP 120.00 per person (roundtrip) with additional PhP 20 for the entrance fee. Riding the Habal-habal is a little exciting because of the curves along the way and the uphill climb.

On our way to the waterfalls
Habal-habal ride
Vendors at the entrance of Tumalog falls
Upon reaching the entrance of the waterfalls, you will then have the option to walk or take another "Habal-habal" ride for PhP 50.00 roundtrip or PhP 25.00 (one-way). It's a 5 minute downhill walk when going to the waterfalls and a very tiring uphill climb going back. For us, we preferred to walk to enjoy the view and take some pictures along the way (kidding, we're just on a budget so we do everything to save lol!).

Running to the watefalls
Waterfalls seen on the way down

The waterfalls!

I am just amazed when I saw this waterfalls. The lagoon is not deep, the water is refreshing cold and the water drops running down the rocks covered with moss are like crystals. It's just awesome! Here are some photos I've taken:

Stream of water from the waterfalls
There it is!
Crystal-like drops of water

A little cave at the left side of the waterfalls
Picture-perfect Tumalog Falls!

After a tiring uphill walk when going back, you can buy some fresh coconut juice from the nice locals at the entrance for PhP 25.00.

Fresh BJ! - Buko Juice
On the way back, you will have a view of Sumilon Island, an island that have beautiful white sand beaches. This is also where the luxurious Bluewater Resort is. Staying in this resort is quite expensive, but you can have a day tour option.

Sumilon Island


  • Habal-habal from resort to Tumalog (roundtrip): PhP 120.00
  • Waterfalls entrance fee: PhP 20.00
  • (optional) Habal-habal from entrance to waterfalls: PhP 50.00 (roundtrip) / PhP 25.00 (oneway)
  • Buko Juice: PhP 25.00


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  1. Thank you for the great post for your Cebu Adventure. We're also planning to visit Cebu this October. Can you advice if it possible to do Whale Shark Watching, Tumalog Falls and Mainit Springs in one day?

    1. Hi there, yes all that activity can fit in a day. You can go Whale shark watching and visit Tumalog Falls in the morning and Mainit Spring in the after noon :)

  2. Hi Mike, is it possible to do in one day, the whale shark watching, Tumalog falls and Canyoneering at Kawasan falls in Badian? I hope you can give me details, it will really be a big help!

    1. Hi Ella, yup you can fit all that in a day. You can go whale shark watching as early as 6am then Tumalog Falls after. If you leave Oslob around 8 or 9 am, you'll be arriving in Badian before 12 noon so you can start the canyoneering after lunch time :)

  3. hi! May i ask if possible ang oslob + sumilon + simala in 1 day?