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Sagada: Bomod-ok Falls

Another popular tourist attraction in Sagada is the Bomod-ok falls or "The Big Falls" located in Brgy. Bangaan, northern part of Sagada. This majestic waterfall stands 200 feet tall, pouring down iced-cold waters below.

Bomod-ok Falls aka The Big Falls

How to get there

Brgy. Bangaan is around 5 KM from Sagada Tourist Center. You can take a ride in the jeepneys bound for Brgy. Bangaan for PhP 20.00. Just tell the driver that you will go to Bomod-ok and the driver will drop you to the registration area of the falls.

Registration Area in Brgy. Bangaan
At the registration area, you need to pay PhP 500.00 (max of 10 people) for the tour guide fee and another PhP 20.00 later for the environmental fee. Then your tour guide will show you the way to the falls.

Hike to the Big Falls!

The hike to the waterfalls would take one hour when going and another one hour when going back. When going to the waterfalls, it's mostly descending so the hard part is when going back. But don't worry because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around. Starting part of the hike is a cemented trail that passes through a small village where you will be paying the PhP 20.00 environmental fee.

Start of the one hour walk

Heading to that village

You will be hiking through some rice fields and see some beautiful rice terraces and small stream of waters. There are also some unseen cliffs along the trail so you need to check every step you make. When you see an iron hanging bridge, you are almost there. The water from the river above the bridge is coming from the waterfalls.

View of rice fields at the first stop

At the village, this machine is used for transporting resources mined in the area (our tour guide said it was gold)

A queue of people taking pictures

Rice terraces along the way
Almost there, the water from this small river is from the waterfalls

Before the waterfalls is this bridge, I don't know where it's headed but you won't be crossing it, just some picture taking

After an hour, there it is!
After a long hike, you can refresh and swim to the ice-cold waters of the falls. We didn't swim since it was cold. The area where the water drops is also deep so most of the people are just around the side. The hike to the waterfalls is surely worth it.

Beautiful pool

Area where the water hits the ground

Another view of the pool
Top of the falls where the water comes from

Bomod-ok simply means Big
Worth your hike
Dip in to ice-cold waters
Going back is really the hard part LOL. Half way to the trail, you will be taking a different route since the trail you took before is very steep. You will take the route going to Brgy. Aguid, around 2 KM away from Bangaan. Don't worry since there are jeepneys from this area that you can ride directly to Poblacion, the town center of Sagada. Fare is PhP 25.00 from Aguid to Sagada Town Center.

Cheers from Sagada!

Quick tips

  • A jeep from Sagada Municipal Center can take you to Brgy. Bangaan for PhP 25.00
  • Guide fee is PhP 500.00 (max of 10) and PhP 20.00 Environmental Fee will be needed
  • Remember to bring drinking water (there are also a store in the village where you can buy)
  • Put on some sunblock or bring hats since its gonna be an hour long hike
  • Take the tour early so it's less crowded and be back before lunchtime


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


  1. It took as almost 5 hours back n forth. Ha ha ha. But its cool n beautiful. What a trek!!! Not really for seniors but i survived!!!!