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Sagada: Walking around Echo Valley

Echo Valley is probably the nearest tourist spot from Sagada Tourist Center. Just a short walk from the Tourist Center. Hike through some steep cliffs and see some beautiful rocks and the famous Hanging Coffins.

Some coffins you'll see in Echo Valley

Getting to Echo Valley is easy but, it will include a little up and down climb. I suggest taking this tour right after arriving in Sagada since you can complete this for just an hour or two. You can simply do a DIY tour to this or hire a tour guide. If you opt to hire a tour guide you can choose from 2 tours. These tours are good for up to 10 people:
  • Echo Valley Tour : PhP 200.00* - Echo Valley + Hanging Coffins (max of 10 pax)
  • Central Sagada Eco Tour : PhP 600.00* - Echo Valley + Hanging Coffins + Underground River + Bokong Falls (max of 10 pax)
  • *Rates might not be exact
Nice weather to walk around Sagada

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

You can start the tour here. The church is located near the Health Center and after the Community Cooperative and a basketball court. The church is very simple but designed beautifully. It was built in early 1900's and marked its 100th year anniversary in 2001. Mass schedules are 6:30 AM daily and 6:30 and 8:30 AM on Sundays.

The Centennial Bell
Church of the Saint Mary the Virgin

Church's Altar
Flower petal designed stained glass at the front of the church
Close up to the church's side

Sagada Cemetery

After the church, you can see a stairs and a road going up. Follow that road and it will lead you to the cemetery. The cemetery is on a hill and tombstones are facing the up the hill.

Sagada Anglican Cemetery
Most people buried here lived a long life, probably because of their natural and organic lifestyle

Echo Valley

Continue walking at the right side of the cemetery, you'll see a narrow trail which leads to Echo Valley. Its name came from the loud echos it creates when you shout. You can see the hanging coffins at the view point, but you need to go down the cliff to see it up close.

View you will see while hiking to Echo Valley

Below this limestone rocks are the hanging coffins
From this view point you will have a peek to the hanging coffins, this is also the point where you can shout and hear the echo

Zoomed-in, a short hike down to reach it

By the way on the way to the hanging coffins, there is a rock climbing activity for PhP 400.00 per person inclusive of gears and equipment without a time limit.

Rock Climbing

The coffins actually looked small and would only fit a child, but the reason it is small is that the body inside is in fetal form. This is a traditional way of the Igorot tribe of burying the dead. There are many beliefs behind this way, but the most common probably is it's placed up high so the dead will be closer to rise up in spirit. I also read here that the higher the coffin, the more they value that person.
The Hanging Coffins of Sagada
Coffins are actually child-sized
Closer look to the coffins

This is where we got so far for the DIY tour. We saw a trail below the hanging coffins, but we didn't follow it since it's getting dark and scare to get lost. But I read on other blogs that this trail leads you to the Underground River and Bokong Falls and the map also shows it. So if you're still up for some hike and confident with your navigational skills, then you can continue on the trail. You can also just head back from the same trail before.

Enjoying the scenery while going back
Saw this sun light through the mountains on the way back


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


  1. Hi. I'm planning my own Sagada trip for January. May I know if how long would it take for us to finish Central Sagada Eco Tour? :)

    1. Hi Aye, it took us around 2 hours (including the picture taking) from Saint Mary Church to the Hanging Coffins. If you're gonna include the underground river and Bokong Falls, it would probably take 3-4 hours. :)