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La Union: Halo-halo de Iloko

After catching up some waves in San Juan, you can catch up some delicious food at Halo-Halo de Iloko. Located on Zandueta street, San Fernando, a 5-10 minute ride from San Juan Surf hostels. There are also some restaurants and food places can be found around the area.

"Magpasarap Ka Muna!"

La Union's Best

This restaurant is very popular in La Union in fact, it's always crowded when we try to go. We tried calling for a reservation, but they said they don't make reservations. But if you're persistent enough, they might give you. A lot of celebrities also tried this restaurant as displayed in the photos hanged all over the place.

Restaurant exterior
Ground floor dining area, crowded
Second floor, also crowded
The restaurant is a 2-story house that have a very nice interior. There are some old vintage stuff displayed around the place. I'm not sure what their store hours is, but it says on their Facebook Page that they are always open.

Their tables are named after the municipalities in La Union

Vintage and wood-work displays around the restaurant
They also sell some "walis tambo" and "sukang ilocos"
They serve delicious Filipino dishes. They make sure that all the food they are serving are freshly cooked upon order so there is a little waiting time, but It's worth the wait plus they serve free chichacorn while waiting.

Cheese flavored chichacorn
They have all day breakfast and pancit for solo serving and a group serving which is good for 2-3 person. They also have appetizers (fries, buffalo wings, calamares), kalye foods (isaw, chicken skin) and of course their Halo-halo. Solo plates cost around PhP 135.00 - PhP 150.00, while group meals are around PhP 160 and up.

Okoy Tikyoso (PhP 90.00)
Sinampalukang Buknok (buko at manok - PhP 395.00 good for 2-3) 
Pakbet nga nasagpawan ti Bagnet (PhP 220.00 good for 2-3)
Surfer's mixed seafoods in sweet and spicy sauce (PhP 395.00 good for 2-3)
Buko Halo-halo (PhP 175.00 good for 2)

So if you are in La Union and haven't tried this place yet, make sure it try it. Certainly, one of the best places to eat in La Union. Thanks for reading!


Contact Details

  • 12 Zandueta St., 2500 San Fernando, La Union
  • 09178527919
  • Facebook


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