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Bolinao: Patar White Beach!

A hidden destination in the municipality of Bolinao in Pangasinan, Patar White Beach is probably the most popular beach in Bolinao. It faces the West Philippine Sea in the north western part of Lingayen Gulf.
Patar White Beach

How to get there

Bolinao is around 5-6 hours from Manila. Several bus companies have trips going straight to Bolinao. The fare is around PhP 400-500 for air-conditioned buses. Once you reach Bolinao town proper, you can ride a tricycle to reach your resort destination. Patar Beach is quite far from the main road. It will take you probably 30-45 minutes to get there. Along the way is the lighthouse that you can have a side trip.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Where to Stay

There are several resorts and accommodation you can choose depending on your budget. There are some resorts like Puerto Del Sol and Treasures of Bolinao that is near Patar Beach. If you are on a budget, you can rent a small Nipa hut in the beachfront of Patar Beach. Nipa huts provide basic accommodation which can accommodate I think 4 persons, for PhP 1000-1500. If you are in for a day tour, cottages can be rented for PhP 300.00. Public restrooms and shower rooms are available but have a fee. You can try to haggle for the Nipa huts and cottages.

Nipa Huts and Cottages

Where to Eat

There are several eateries and restaurants along. You can also bring your own food. It's best to buy some food that you can grill from Bolinao market before going to the beach. A grill, including coals, will be provided if you rent a cottage. There are also some vendors selling fruits and sea urchins around the area. No kitchen utensils are provided so you will need to bring that also.

Bolinao People's Market
A Restaurant's Menu
Grilling some Tilapia
Sea Urchins

Hidden Treasure of Bolinao

Patar beach is blessed with a fine and creamy white color sand. The coastline is around a kilometer and it's similar to Saud Beach in Pagudpud. Though there are a lot of visitors at the beach, it is still clean and maintained. The waves are also a little big, but not that strong, I think you can also surf here. Patar beach and Urbiztondo beach in San Juan, La Union both faces the West Philippine Sea.

Sand is very soft
Patar Beach's shorelines
A resort nearby, you can also play beach volleyball

Waves away from the shore

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is also seen when you dip in the water. As for the marine life, you can see some fishes in the rocky part of the water, but there are only a few. You might need to go further, but the waves are a little strong in the deep area.

Little waves in the shore
"Bilog ang Mundo"
The Nipa hut cottages with some sunbathing tourists
That relaxing scene

The best way to end the day here in Patar Beach is the sunset. Enjoying the fresh breeze of air while gazing at the orange sky. So whenever you are in Bolinao and you just want relaxation at the beach, make sure to go to Patar Beach. Thanks for Reading!

Bolinao's Sunset


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