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Experience Bohol: Panglao Island!

Another very late post from our trip last year (Aug 2014 LOL), in Bohol. Anyways, this is the last part of my post of our Bohol Experience. We have our Panglao Island tour, right after the dolphin watching and snorkeling in Balicasag Island. Panglao Island is not that big, so you can complete the tour just half of the day.

Souvenir items from Nova Shell Museum

Bohol Bee Farm

Since it was already past lunchtime, we first went to Bohol Bee Farm to take our late lunch. Bohol Bee Farm serves organic food at their restaurant. They also offer accommodations. You can refer at my post here for more of  my Bohol Bee Farm experience.

Organic Food at Bohol Bee Farm

The oldest little man alive (Bayoyoy)

After we had our lunch, we continued our tour and saw some churches. We just looked at them for a moment and then skipped it since they are still repairing it from the damages from earthquake that hit Bohol on 2014. Then we stopped to an ordinary looking house and went inside. Our tour guide didn't tell us what to see there until we saw some pictures of celebrities with Bayoyoy.

Local celebrity Bayoyoy with a lot of celebrities
Bayoyoy's real name is Jesus Doldolea. He was born on 1947, and will turning 68 at January 10. They are 12 siblings, and 6 of them has the same condition as Bayoyoy, unfortunately, the others did not survive. Her younger sister takes care of him. He is blind and cannot speak.

Bayoyoy's Selfie

Oldest Little Man Alive

Hinagdanan Cave

A lot of caves can be found here in Bohol, in fact 1400 caves have been counted. One cave you can find here in Panglao is the Hinagdanan (laddered) Cave. I guess its name was from the ladder that was built at the cave entrance. We were welcomed by a local, which becomes our tour guide and our official photographer (these guys know something about cameras I tell you).

Hinagdanan Cave Entrance
Stairs going down the cave
They built stairs to get in and out
The cave is just small but full of rock formations and has a mix of salt and fresh water pool inside. The pool is around 10 - 15 feet deep. You can swim in it, but just tell your guide you want to since I think there is a swimming fee. There is also a souvenir shop near the entrance of the cave.

They also added some lighting inside the cave
Drawings in the cave walls, I'm not sure who did that
Fresh and salt water pool in our background, this area is kinda dark, our tour guide adjusted my camera to a dark mode setting to have some lighting. (okay, I don't know well my camera)

Nova Shell Museum

Last on our tour is the Nova Shell Museum. The place is full of shells. From ordinary ones to the rare ones. You can see here some weird looking shells and some very expensive ones. They also have a souvenir shop that sells, you guessed it, shells, and a tree house.

Nova Shell Museum

Giant Clams
Shell displays
A very tiny shell, you need a magnifying glass to see its details
The tree house

So that's some of the places you can visit in Panglao Island. An Island that is full of natural and man-made wonders with wonderful people. Hope you enjoy reading, Thanks!

Tana, moadto ta sa BOHOL!


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