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Experience Bohol: Dolphins, Snorkeling and a Virgin Island

Bohol is very popular for its world class diving sites and the best coral reefs in the country. It is blessed with an abundant sea life and beautiful long stretches of white beaches. That's why your Bohol experience wouldn't be complete without seeing some dolphins and snorkeling to have a glimpse of its amazing sea creatures.

A starfish in "Puntod" Island

Dolphin Watching

We got this sea tour by the way, courtesy of Naldix. You can see the rates and contact information here. Anyways, this activity must be as early as 6 am because that's the time most dolphins are seen. You can catch them until 8 am but, there is just a few of them and a little hard to spot.

Tourist boats searching for some dolphins

The boatmen will take you to the spot where dolphins swim around the area. About 20 - 30 minutes and you'll reach the destination. Once you get close to the dolphins, the engine of the boat will be turned off, so the dolphins won't be driven away. Of course, you can't swim with them, they're too fast. Some dolphins even jumped out of the water. It was really amazing to see dolphins swimming in the wild.

There they are!
It's really amazing to see them
More dolphins!
Yey! A little close!

Snorkeling in Balicasag Island

After watching some dolphins, and about 20 - 30 minutes of boat ride again, We arrived in Balicasag Island. It's an island popularly know for diving and snorkeling activities. This is where Balicasag Island Dive Resort is. The island has a light tower in the middle of it. There are also places here that you can eat lunch. We didn't explore the island much, as we immediately went snorkeling in the fish sanctuary.

Balicasag Island, there is a lighthouse in the middle of it
Boat ride to the snorkeling spot

Only 5 snorkeling gears are provided by the boatmen so we needed to rent another 2 snorkeling gear (PhP 150.00 each) since we are 7 in the group. There is also an entrance fee (for the sanctuary) and tour guide fee for PhP 150.00 each and environmental fee of PhP 50.00. The tour guide also offers some aqua shoes rental starting from PhP 150.00 (just try to haggle, since we got ours for PhP 75.00). You can also bring some bread or buy from the small stores on the island for the fish feeding.

Fish feeding
The island have a rich sea life

The shallow area of the snorkeling spot where you can feed the fishes, is quite rocky because of the corals so you actually need to wear an aqua shoes. The tour guide will be taking you to different spots where colorful fishes can be seen.

Snapshot taken by our tour guide when he plunges deep
This area is quite deep, approximately 20 feet
Look who I found, actually it's the tour guide who found him, it's too deep 
Our tour guide chillin' out
Deep blue, I wonder what's beyond there, It's a little scary

A Virgin Island

Weather is gloomy, but still a good time to go island hopping
Last stop on the tour is at "Puntod" Island, also know as Virgin Island. It is a small uninhabited crescent shaped island. The island kinda reminds me of "Luli" Island in Palawan but Puntod is smaller. From far, you might see some people that looked like walking in the water because the island also submerge a little in the water.

The Virgin Island
I read on some blogs that there are vendors before, selling some shells and sea urchins, but we didn't find anyone selling when we got there. You can also see a golden statue that I supposed is Padre Pio (not certain though) on the island. The island is perfect for beach bumming and picture taking.

"Puntod" Island
I supposed it is Padre Pio

We went back to our place of stay after Puntod Island, and prepare for the Panglao Island Tour. The sea tour can be completed half the day, but it will surely give you a great experience with Bohol's beautiful sea life.

Cheers from Puntod Island

Quick Tips

  • Dolphins are seen early morning
  • Snorkeling is optional
  • Best to wear aqua shoes for protection from corals
  • Snorkeling rates: PhP 150.00 (tour guide fee), PhP 50.00 (environmental fee)
  • You can also rent snorkeling gear for PhP 150.00, and aqua shoes for PhP 75 - 150
  • There is a "Palutuan" in Balicasag Island for lunch
  • You can check some tour providers and rates in this guide


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


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