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Experience Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm!

If you're in Panglao looking for a place to eat, then you should try Bohol Bee Farm in Dao, Dauis. Not only their food is good and organic, the place is very relaxing. You can eat at their restaurant which have an amazing view of the ocean. Although its name is the Bohol Bee Farm, no bees can be seen in this place anymore. Bohol Bee Farm also offers accommodations and tour packages. You can refer here at their site for more info.

A bee farm without the bees

The place

We went there last year, late August 2014 to be exact. It is included in our Panglao Island tour. The place is a little far from Alona Beach, so you need to ride a tricycle or Habal-habal to get there. If you booked a room, they will provide a transport to fetch you at the airport or seaport.

Vegetable Garden

Some vegetable and herbs plants for sale

At the entrance of the place, you will see a garden of plants and vegetables. They do also have a shop that sells jams, organic rices and other stuff that you can see at their online shop. They also have a bakery that sells organic bread made from their vegetable plants. There is also a small pool for stay-in guests.

Pool for staying guests

The Buzzz Shop
top-left: Pasalubong Items, top-right: pure honey, bottom left: Malunggay and Mango Spread, bottom-right: Organic Rice
The restaurant area

The restaurant has a view deck that have a breathtaking view of the ocean. Below is a small dock and there are some small boats, I'm not sure if they are selling something.

Amazing view of the ocean
Restaurant on a cliff
You can enjoy and relax, while eating
small boats below, probably selling something

The Food

I always though that organic food doesn't taste delicious that much, but that changed when we had our meal here after our dolphin watching and snorkeling activity. Some of the ingredients of the dishes came from their own garden. They have many dishes on the menu, like organic salad, pizza and pasta, vegetable and seafood soups, and meats. They also have of course a vegetarian option.
Buzzz Cafe

Price is not that expensive, but not that also cheap. A single meal costs around PhP 200++. But I can say it's worth the price. They also have some group meals which is good for around 3 persons.

A preview of what Buzzz cafe serves
Since we are 7 in the group we decided to get 2 group meals, We got the Seafood and Vegetable Platter for PhP 1680.00 (good for 3), and a Family Combo for PhP 940.00 (good for 3). Serving is good, just enough for the all of us.

Organic Garden Salad (Seafood & Vegetable Platter - yup you can eat the flower) 
Organic bread with malunggay and mango spread (must try)
Cassava Lumpia (Family Combo - dressing has a peanut butter taste, very nice)
Crabs with Cocomilk (Seafood & Vegetable Platter)
Fresh Herb Pasta (Family Combo, there is also a cheese pizza, but I don't have the photo of it)
Red Rice with Mango (Seafood & Vegetable Platter)
Chicken Barbecue (Family Combo)
Seafood Soup (Seafood & Vegetable Platter)

Garlic Shrimps, Grilled Squid and Fish (Seafood & Vegetable Platter - there is also a Kinilaw na Tanigigue included, again no photo of it)
Malunggay and not sure if Cheese or Mango, (LOL, I forgot) Ice Cream
The weird tasting Coco Drink with Celery (Seafood & Vegetable Platter)
Cheers! They are drinking Bahalina (a coconut wine)
If you want to stay here, but on a budget, I suggest to look for other places since their room rates are a little expensive. It's also far from the beach area. Overall, I enjoyed their food, and the place. I recommend this place to eat, especially for the healthy conscious ones. So if you are in Bohol, you should definitely add this to your itinerary.
Tara, Mangaon ta!


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