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Batangas: Weekend Hike in Mt. Maculot

Mt. Maculot also known as Mt. Macolod, is a popular day trip destination for the weekends for hikers located in Cuenca, Batangas. The mountain has a high volcanic rock wall called The Rockies that will give you a breathtaking view of Taal Lake.
View of Taal Lake from The Rockies

How To Get There

  • Ride a bus in Cubao/Buendia bound to Lemery, Batangas.
  • Get off Cuenca town proper. The fare is around PhP 116-140.
  • Take a tricycle going to Mt. Maculot jump-off point. The fare is around Php 15-22 per person.

Cuenca, Batangas

Registration and Guide Fees

  • Registration Fee at the Barangay Outpost: PhP 20.00 per person
  • Campsite + Rockies Guide Fee: PhP 400 for 1-5 person (+ PhP 50 for excess)
  • Traverse (Campsite + Rockies + Summit + Grotto) PhP 1000 for 1-5 person (+100 for excess)
  • Overnight Campsite:  PhP 1000 for 1-5 person (+100 for excess)
Rates as of Oct 2015
*Parking is available at the jump off area where stores, restroom as well as shower rooms are located.

The Climb

After we registered at the barangay outpost in Brgy. Siete, we were assisted by our guide to the jump off point where we also parked. There are stores where you can buy snacks and water in the jump off area, as well as restrooms and shower rooms. We prepared for a bit and then started the hike.
Herman's Paliguan at the jump-off point

The hike started on an uphill concrete road that leads to the main trail. They say that this is a beginner friendly mountain and I've climbed some beginner mountains before, but I think inexperienced hikers will be having some difficulty climbing this. My friend even puked on the way LOL. But don't worry, there are a lot of resting area along the way.
The concrete uphill road

Main trail
Looks like a dried-up waterfall
Resting area 
And there she pukes LOL!

The average time getting to the campsite is around an hour and a half. But we took longer than that since my friend is still recovering from puking earlier so we slowed down our pace. At the campsite is a 7-11 store. Not the convenience store, but a small store that sells instant noodles, soft drinks, bottled water, and other snacks.
A nice view at a resting area

Their face tells it all
Almost there at the campsite

The campsite with 7-11 store

Just a few meters from the campsite is The Rockies where you can see the breathtaking view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano Island. The view was just outstanding and is sure worth the hike. Just be careful around the area especially when taking pictures since there had been an accident where a hiker fell down from The Rockies.
Straight ahead to The Rockies
There's that huge rock
Philippine Air Force marker for its commitment in preserving the beauty of Mt. Maculot
A lot of weekend hikers at the moment
Glimpse of Taal Lake on the way going to The Rockies
Taking pictures while waiting for traffic
Some boulders are needed to climb to pass through
View of the Summit from The Rockies

The mandatory shot at The Rockies
Taal Volcano Island 
The obligatory pose

After a thousand selfies taken from The Rockies, we went back to the campsite and decide if we will go on with the Traverse. Since it was still early we decided to go on with the traverse to the summit and grotto (even though my friend puked earlier LOL). The summit from the campsite is about a 30-minute hike. We arrived at the summit around lunchtime and just stayed for a little bit. The summit has a higher view of Taal Lake but The Rockies still have the best view of it.
Trail going to the Summit
Trail is a little muddy
Vegetation along the way
The Rockies viewed from the Summit
Summit sign
Taal Lake and Taal Volcano Island from the Summit
Mt. Maculot's Summit
From the summit to the Grotto would take around 2 hours and descend from grotto to the tricycle parking area in another barangay is around 30 minutes. The tricycles from the parking can take you back to Brgy. Siete where the jump off area is.
Start of Descend
Watch out for this one
Rappelling down
And down again
Look closely to the center, it's the Grotto
Cross at the Grotto
The Grotto
And, we've finished it, Tricycle to take you back to the jump-off area


  • 06:00 AM - ETA Pasay/Cubao
  • 09:00 AM - ETD Cuenca Town Proper, Batangas
  • 09:30 AM - Ride to Brgy. Siete/Registration/Get a Guide
  • 09:45 AM - Start of Hike
  • 11:15 AM - ETD Campsite/Snack/Lunch
  • 11:30 AM - ETD Campsite to The Rockies
  • 12:00 NN - ETA The Rockies/Photos
  • 12:30 PM - ETD The Rockies to Campsite to Summit
  • 01:30 PM - ETA Summit/Photos
  • 01:45 PM - ETD Summit to Grotto
  • 03:45 PM - ETA Grotto
  • 04:00 PM - Descend from Grotto to Tricycle Parking Area (another barangay)
  • 04:30 PM - ETA Tricycle Parking Area
  • 04:15 PM - ETA Jump-off area/Wash-up
  • 04:45 PM - Merienda time Batangas Lomi
  • 05:-- PM - ETD Cuenca to Home
Our guide said it is named Maculot because of the mountain looks curly

Quick Tips

  • Shower rooms and restrooms are available in the jump-off area.
  • Pay parking is also available near the jump-off area.
  • Bring at least 2 Liters of water and trail snacks. There's also a store (7-11) in the campsite.
  • Better also bring sunblock, hats, and umbrellas.
  • If you are doing the traverse, better bring some packed meals.
  • Reward yourself with some Batangas Lomi after the climb.
  • Leave nothing but footprints.
Cheers from Mt. Maculot!

Mountain Specs

*From PinoyMountaineer
  • Location: Cuenca, Batangas
  • Height: 706 MASL (Rockies) / 930 MASL (summit) /
  • Jump-off Point: Mountaineer’s Store, Brgy. 7 “Siete”, Cuenca
  • Days Required: 1 Day (1-2 hours to The Rockies, 2-4 hours to Summit/Grotto)
  • Specs: Minor, Difficulty 3/9 (Rockies); 4/9 (Traverse) Trail class 1-3
  • Features: Scenic views of Taal Lake, rock formations, forests


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


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