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Cagayan de Oro: White Water Rafting!

A must try activity, especially for the extreme adventure seeking travelers out there is the white river rafting of Cagayan de Oro city. This is the highlight of our 5 day trip in Northern Mindanao.
White water rafting in CDO

How To Get There

Cagayan de Oro City is located in Northern Mindanao. One can access the city via air or sea travel. The airport is located in the municipality of Laguindingan, which is around 43 kilometers from the city proper that will take you around 45-minutes travel time.
Laguindingan Airport

Via Air Travel
  • From Manila/Cebu take a direct flight (PAL, Cebu Pacific, CebGo or AirAsia ) from NAIA/Mactan-Cebu Airport to Laguindingan Airport
  • At the airport, ride a bus going to the city proper. The fare is around PhP 85.00 per person.
  • Alternatively, you can ride a shuttle van or rent a private car/van. Renting a car/van costs around PhP 1000.00 to PhP 1800.00.

  • Via Sea Travel
    2go Travel has ferries coming from Manila/Cebu to CDO. Travel time is around 33 hours from Manila and around 8 hours from Cebu.

    Tour Providers

    There are a lot of tour providers of white water rafting you can find online. Their rates usually start around PhP 1000 for the advance course and 700 for the basic course. They also have some packages where lunch is included.

    *The Basic Course is a 12-kilometer course and is around 3-4 hours to finish. It has 14 rapids ranging from class I-II.
    *The Advanced Course is a 16-kilometer course and is around 4-5 hours to finish. It has 21 rapids ranging from class I-II.

    Bugsay Rafting
    Here are some contact information of some tour providers.

    CDO Bugsay River Rafting:
    • Contact: +63917-328-4729/ (088) 850-1580 / (088) 309-1991
    • Email: cdobugsayrafting@yahoo.com

    Great White Water Tours:
    • Contact: +63917-706-0677 / (088) 310-5415
    • Email: cdoraftingandzipline@gmail.com

    Kagay White Water Rafting:
    • Contact: +63917-712-2444 / +63922-388-6200 / +63917-712-2323 / (088) 852-1021
    • Email: dankaamino23@gmail.com

    Our Experience

    Kuya Jerry, our driver/tour guide suggested Bugsay for our white water activity. He contacted them and arranged our tour. The activity started in our meeting place in the parking lot of SM, around noontime. We were picked up by our tour operator, Bugsay with the other guests. We rode a jeep with our rafts loaded on top to the drop off point for 30- 45 minutes. On the way, we read and signed the terms and conditions of the activity.
    Our transport to the river
    Terms and condition form
    Next stop: Cagayan de Oro river
    Upon arriving at the drop off point we geared up in preparation for the activity. At the starting point, there is a store where you can buy some drinking water, snacks and plastic water-proof pouch your phones as well as strings to hold your glasses.
    Arrived at the jump off point
    Cagayan de Oro river

    Starting area
    Preparing for the ride
    Ready to go!
    After gearing up, we had an introduction of the guides and an orientation. Be sure to remember your guide's name because they will not save you if you don't call them by their names LOL!
    Introduction and orientation
    Let's do this!
    When all is set, the adventure begins! There is a total of 21 rapids in the advance course, the first part of the activity is just some basic rapids.
    Our adventure begins!

    Approaching the rapids!
    The river doesn't always have rapids there is also a calm area to relax for a bit. There are also some parts that you will be playing with the rapids like sitting in the front, side and back of the raft and capsize the raft.

    Calm part of the river
    Photo opportunity while we're in the calm river
    Here we go again!
    Riding in front of the raft
    Huge rock ahead!
    Paddles up!
    Fell down the raft
    Playing with the raft
    High Five!
    More rapids to conquer

    The cavern part which is home to snakes

    High five! Bugsay!

    It is almost dark when we finished the activity. White water rafting in CDO is definitely an experience you won't forget, don't be afraid to fall in the water since the tour guides are always there, just make sure you know their names LOL!
    Cheers from Cagayan de Oro!

    Quick Tips

    • Wear comfortable clothes (rashguards and sandals are suggested)
    • Shower rooms are available at the end point of the activity
    • Your tour operator will be taking pictures and videos (not included in tour, PhP 500 per group for Bugsay)

    Video: CDO White Water Rafting!

    White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

    Posted by Miked's Travel PH on Monday, April 4, 2016


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