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Negros Oriental: Manjuyod Sandbar

It is day 4 of our 5 day South Cebu, Siquijor and Negros Oriental trip, and there are still a lot of destinations to see. So we started the day very early for our first destination. The beautiful Manjuyod Sandbar in Bais City.
Stilt Houses in Manjuyod Sandbar

How To Get There

In case you are wondering why Manjuyod Sandbar is in Bais City, the sandbar is actually in the jurisdiction of Manjuyod but, it is closer to Bais City.
Bais bound bus
  • From Dumaguete City Proper, ride a tricycle to Ceres Bus Terminal.
  • Take a bus bound to Bais City, then alight in city proper. The travel time is around 2 hours, and the fare is PhP 53.00.
  • From there, your tour provider/boatmen can pick up you then drop you off at the port for the boat ride.
  • The travel time of the boat ride from the port to the sandbar is less than 30 minutes.
Highway from Bais to Dumaguete
Bais Market

Tour Packages and Boatmen

The tour package usually includes the main attraction in Bais which is the dolphin watching, Manjuyod Sandbar, Mangrove Sanctaury, and a little side trip to a snorkeling spot. But in our case, we just opted to see the sandbar since we only have limited time.
  • One of the most recommended and trusted boatman by travel blogs is Mr. Jesus Pancho. You can reach him at +63 620 253-8099 / +63 935 862-3595. His daughter Jenn usually arranged the tours.
  • You can avail the complete tour package for PhP 3000.00 for the whole boat, which includes activities and destinations mentioned above.
  • For the sandbar only, Jenn quoted us PhP 2000.00 for the boat, but lowered it to PhP 1500.00
  • The complete tour package is usually a whole day activity, but you can squeeze it in for a half day activity.
Preparing our boat

Early Birds

We started our day as early as 4 AM to catch the beauty of Manjuyod Sandbar. Like other sandbar, it only appears during low tide. Usually, it is around early morning and afternoon, but, sometimes it is unpredictable. Even the locals are not 100 percent sure about whether it's low tide or not.
Tourist boat port

We left Dumaguete City around 4:30 AM and arrived at Bais around 6:30 AM. We had a quick breakfast in the public market and then picked up by Mang Jesus' wife and accompanied us to the wharf, where the boat is waiting. It was a gloomy day, but that didn't stop us to see the sandbar. It was just a 15-minute boat ride from the mainland to one of the sandbar.
Had a little breakfast

The Sandbar

Only a small portion of the sandbar was visible when we arrived. The submerged part of the sandbar is just a foot deep, and after a few minutes it started to emerge. After playing around the sandbar we went back to our boat and went to the area where the stilt houses stands.
Let's go!
Sandbar is still submerged
Gloomy weather didn't bother us
Part of the sandbar already emerged

Heading to the stilt houses
The houses are for rent if you want to stay in for the night. You can contact Bais Tourism Office for rates and availability. While we were on the sandbar near the stilt houses, a boatman approached us to sell us fresh oysters. We tried some, and bought a bucket of it for PhP 300.00.
Approaching the stilt houses
Nice stilts!
Preparing to stop
The stilt houses standing on the sandbar
Imagine a night staying here alone in the middle of the sea
Enjoying the water

Fresh oysters!

Since we are on a schedule, we just stayed at the sandbar for just a moment. We didn't see the sandbar fully emerged, but still it was a still a beauty and a worth it experience. Thanks for reading!
Cheers from Manjuyod!


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


  1. Jen Pancho is a fraud. She is such a sweet talker. She never showed on our siquijor and apo island tour which were included on the package she quoted to us. She just took the downpayment. And blocked us from fb and her number.

    However, tatay jesus has genuine good heart. Tatay jesus group is different from jen's.

    Please update your contact number so no other guest will be MALOLOKO of jen. The number posted on your blog was taken forcefully from him by jen so she could get all the future guest of tatay. Tatay's other daughter, Jesusa, to please inform other blogs about their new number.

    Tatay jesus pancho: +63 955 887 9831
    Mrs. Pancho, tatay jesus' wife: +63 905 344 8562

    You can message me so I can send you conversations proofs that JEN is really a professional FRAUD.

  2. Yes, I can assure that Jenneusa P. Eveleigh is a Cheater. Manloloko talaga. Niloko din nya kami. Better find another tour guide. Beware of this woman.. She will asked a big amount of downpayment then mawawala na siya..

    1. Until now di pa rin sya tumitigil to justify herself kahit na may proof na kami sa lahat ng panloloko nya. Basically we paid 11k for manjuyod.


      Baka kasi macontact mo sya kasi laganap na yung number nya. This is to inform you na SHE HAS CASE LIKE THIS.

  3. Hi we were able to avail her service for manjuyod with dolphin watching and everything went well naman.