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Dumaguete, Negros Oriental + Siquijor: Travel Guide and Itinerary

World class diving site, gorgeous beaches, amazing sand bar and breathtaking waterfalls, this awaits you in Negros Oriental and Siquijor Island! So, here's a travel guide and itinerary that can help you for this awesome trip!
Negros Oriental x Siquijor

How To Get There

Negros Oriental is located at southeastern part of the shoe-shaped island of Negros Oriental. It faces Cebu and the island of Siquijor. Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental's capital is the main entry point from Manila. It is also the jump of point when going to the island of Siquijor.
Negros Island seen from Lilo-an Port, Cebu


There direct flights from Manila/Cebu going to Dumaguete City. An hour flight from Manila and around 40 minute flight from Cebu. It can also be reached from Cebu by land and sea travel.

  • By air, take a direct flight from NAIA/Cebu Mactan Airport to Dumaguete Airport.
  • At Dumaguete Airport, you can take a tricycle to get you to your inn.

  • By sea travel, there are ferries that can you from Manila to Dumaguete (via 2go Travel for a day travel time) and Cebu to Dumaguete (via RoRo ferries).

  • By land travel from Cebu, go to South Bus Terminal and ride a bus bound directly to Dumaguete.
  • If the direct Dumaguete bus is not available, ride any bus bound to Santander then get off Lilo-An Port.
  • Take a ferry in Lilo-An Port bound to Sibulan Port (a 30 minute trip/PhP 62.00).
  • In Sibulan Port, ride a jeepney (PhP 8.00 minimum fare) going to Dumaguete City.
Ceres Bus Terminal (but not in Bacolod)


Land travel from Bacolod City in Negros Occidental is also available.
  • From Bacolod Southbound Terminal, ride a bus to Dumaguete for around PhP 300.00. Travel time is around 5-6 hours.
  • Larena Port in Siquijor


    There are no commercial flights available going to Siquijor so the only option by getting here is via sea travel.
  • Take a fast craft ferry (an hour travel time/PhP 200+) or RoRo (an hour and a half/PhP 130.00) from Dumaguete port to Larena port in Siquijor.
  • Tagbilaran Port
    Oceanjet ferries have two daily trips from Tagbilaran to Dumaguete. The first trip leaves at 08:00 AM and the last trip is at 05:45 PM. Lite Shipping Corporation, have trips every Tue, Thu and Sat at 08:00 PM from Tagbilaran to the town of Larena in Siquijor.

    For a more detailed guide about Siquijor, you can check this travel guide.

    Where To Stay

    There are a lot of options where you can stay in Negros Oriental. For travelers going to certain parts of the Negros Island, Dumaguete is the main choice on where to stay since it is where airport, seaport and bus terminals are located. Here are some places you can stay in Dumaguete, Siquijor and other towns that is included in this guide's itinerary.

    We heart Dumaguete!


    Stilts in Manjuyod

    Resorts in Apo Island


    You can check here in this travel guide, the places you can stay in Siquijor Island.
    We also hear Siquijor!

    Getting and Touring Around

    Dumaguete City, the towns of Manjuyod/Bais, Valencia, Daquin (Apo Island), and the island of Siquijor are our destinations in this travel guide. Getting around Dumaguete is easy. You can do it by walking around , ride a jeepney, rent a motorbike. For Manjuyod/Bais and Daquin (Apo Island), you will need to take a bus to get there. In Siquijor, motorbike is the also primary option on getting around.

    You can check on the links below for some information on getting to this certain destination.
    Riding in Siquijor

    Contact Numbers

    • Habal-habal for Casaroro/Pulang Bato: Kuya Fernando +63 999 456-0396 / Kuya Elvin +63 935 991-4969
    • Dolphin Watching and Manjuyod Sandbar: Manong Jesus +63 620 253-8099 / +63 935 862-3595
    • Tours in Siquijor: Manong Borognoy +63 917 371-1764 / +63 997 271-4652

    Attractions and Activities

    Here are the main attractions that make Gigantes Islands a hidden paradise!

    • Tour Dumaguete City - Take a walking tour and visit several sights like Siliman University, one of the oldest universities in the country, Dumaguete Belfry (aka Campanario de Dumaguete), one of Dumaguete's famous landmarks and Rizal Boulevard, another famous landmark where you can relax and have some snacks in "Tempurahan".
      Tempurahan in Rizal Boulervard
    • Eat Silvanas (Dumaguete) - Have some dessert in Sans Rival Cafe where you can have this famous guilty pleasure dessert from Dumaguete. Don't forget to bought pasalubong!
      Creamy, delicious Silvanas!
    • Chasing Waterfalls (Valencia) - Witness the natural wonders of Negros Oriental by visiting both Casaroro Falls and Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia. Then take a dip in Red Rock Hotspring.
      Casaroro Falls!
    • Dolphins and Manjuyod Sandbar (Bais) - See some awesome dolphins in Tañon Strait and be amazed by the beauty of Manjuyod Sandbar.
      Manjuyod Sandbar
    • Apo Island (Dauin) - Dive in one of the country's best marine sanctuaries and swim with the amazing sea turtles!
      Swim with sea turtles!
    • Explore the Mystical Island of Siquijor - Rent a motorbike to visit the century-old churches, swim in the beautiful beaches, snorkel in marine sanctuaries, take a dip in waterfalls and many more!
      Cliff jumping in Salagdoong Beach
    • Balinsasayao Twin Lakes (Sibulan) - Go bird watching, swimming, boating or just appreciate nature and the beauty of the twin lakes, lake Balinsasayo and lake Danao.
    • Eat from local places (Dumaguete) - Have a food trip from some of Dumaguete's local food establishments. From Silvanas of Sans Rival, Chicken Inasal of Jo's Chicken Inato, Dumaguete Express of Hayahay, and Brick Oven Pizza's of Nevas! As my friend used to say, Heaven!!
    • Take a side-trip to Southern Cebu - Take a side trip to Oslob and visit Tumalog Falls, Sumilon Island, and Cancua-Ay Beach or to Samboan's waterfalls or to Badian for canyoneering!
      Cancua-Ay Beach


    Make the most of your time visiting Negros Oriental and Siquijor. Explore and do the activities above in 4 days. Here's an itinerary with an optional side-trip to Oslob, or if you will be coming from Cebu.

    • Day 0 - Optional: CEBU
      • 06:00 AM: ETA Cebu City
      • 06:30 AM: ETD South Bus Terminal to Badian/Oslob/Samboan
      • --:-- AM: Activities (check here for south cebu)
      • 07:00 PM: ETD Liloan, Cebu to Sibulan, Negros Oriental (via boat)
      • 08:00 PM: ETA Dumaguete/Check-in

    • Day 1: SIQUIJOR: Churches, Waterfalls, Beaches!
      • 07:00 AM: ETA Siquijor from Dumaguete
      • 07:15 AM: Check-in/Breakfast
      • 08:00 AM: Siquijor Church
      • --:-- AM: Capilay Spring Park or Lugnason Falls
      • --:-- AM: Enchanted Balete Tree
      • --:-- AM: Lazi Church
      • 12:00 NN: Lunch
      • --:-- PM: Cambuhagay Falls
      • --:-- PM: Kaugusan Beach
      • --:-- PM: Salagdoong Beach
      • --:-- PM: Tulapos Marine Sanctuary
      • 06:00 PM: Back to accommodation/Rest

    • Day 2: SIQUIJOR/DUMAGUETE: Faith Healers and Caving/City Tour
      • 06:30 AM: Wake up time/Breakfast
      • 07:00 AM: Visit Faith Healers
      • --:-- AM: Caving in Cantabon Cave
      • --:-- AM: Hike Mt. Bandilaan
      • 12:00 NN: Checkout/Lunch
      • 03:00 PM: ETD Siquijor to Dumaguete (last ferry trip is at 3 PM)
      • 03:45 PM: ETA Dumaguete/Check-in
      • 04:00 PM: Walk around Dumaguete City

    • Day 3: MANJUYOD/VALENCIA: Dolphins and Sandbar/Waterfalls

    • Day 4: APO ISLAND/SIBULAN: Sea Turtles and Twin Lakes
      • 05:30 AM: Wake up time/Breakfast
      • 06:00 AM: ETD Dumaguete to Zamboaguita (45-minute bus ride)
      • 06:45 AM: ETD Zamboguita to Apo (15-30 minute boat ride)
      • 07:-- AM: ETA Apo Island, Dive or Snorkle
      • 01:00 PM: ETD Apo Island to Dumaguete
      • 02:-- PM: ETD Dumaguete to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes (around 30 minutes travel time)
      • 05:-- PM: ETD Dumaguete Airport
    Manjuyod Sanbar


    Here's a breakdown of what it'll cost per day on a 4-day Negros Oriental + Siquijor trip. This only includes expenses that are necessary like fares (except airfare), food, tour guides, entrance fees and accommodation. Tips and other expenses like "pasalubongs" are not included.

    • Day 1: Dumaguete - Siquijor
      • Fare - Special trip trike from Sibulan Port to Dumaguete): PhP 100.00 / 4 pax = PhP 25.00
      • Fare -Ferry Dumaguete to Siquijor PhP 130.00 + (terminal fee PhP 12) = PhP 142.00
      • Transport - Motorbike 24-hour rental PhP 350.00 + (3L gas PhP 132) = PhP 482 / 2 pax = PhP 241
      • Food Lunch - Barbeque + Puso rice = PhP 30.00
      • Accommodation - AC Room:Replica Manor PhP 1250.00 / 4 pax = PhP 312.50
      • Parking Fees - Cambuhagay: P10 + Salagdoong: P20 = PhP 30.00
      • Entrance Fees - Enchanted Balete: P5 + Salagdoong Beach: P25 + Tulapos Marine: P25 = PhP 55.00
      • Food Dinner - Karinderia = PhP 60.00
      • Total: PhP 895.50

    • Day 2: Siquijor - Dumaguete
      • Food Breakfast - Free! LOL! read here why!
      • Fare - RoRo Siquijor to Dumaguete PhP 130.00 + (terminal fee PhP 12) = PhP 142.00
      • Fare - Special trike from port to accommodation PhP 100 / 4 pax = PhP 25.00
      • Accommodation - AC Room in Dumaguete PhP 1200.00 / 4 pax = PhP 300.00
      • Food Dinner - Any eatery or fast food (or if you have budget try Hayahay) PhP 100.00
      • Total: PhP 567.00

    • Day 3: Manjuyod - Valencia
      • Fare - Trike from inn to Ceres terminal PhP 8.00
      • Fare - Bus from Dumaguete to Bais PhP 53.00
      • Food Breakfast - Coffee, pandesal and puto in Bais Market PhP 35.00
      • Fare - Roundtrip trike Bais - Port - Bais PhP 100 / 4 pax = PhP 25.00
      • Tour - Dolphin Watching + Manjuyod Sandbar (c/o Mang Jesus) = PhP 2000 / 4 = PhP 500.00
      • Fare - Bus going back to Dumaguete PhP 53.00
      • Fare - Trike from Ceres back to inn PhP 8.00
      • Accommodation - AC Room in Dumaguete PhP 1200.00 / 4 pax = PhP 300.00
      • Food Lunch - any karinderia PhP 60.00
      • Fare - Trike from inn to Valencia Jeep terminal PhP 8.00
      • Fare - Jeep to Valencia PhP 12.00
      • Tour - Habal-habal Casaroro Falls + Pulang Bato Falls + Red Rock Spring (Dumaguete drop-off after tour) PhP 600 / 2 pax = PhP 300.00
      • Entrance Fee: Casaroro: P10 + Pulang Bato: P25 + Redrock: P30 = PhP 65.00
      • Food Dinner - any karinderia again PhP 60.00
      • Total: PhP 1470.00

    • Day 4: Apo Island - Sibulan
      • Food Breakfast - Coffee, bread, noodles PhP 35.00
      • Fare - Trike from inn to Ceres terminal PhP 8.00
      • Fare - Bus from Dumaguete to Malatapay PhP 25.00
      • Transport - Round trip boat to Apo Island PhP 2000.00 / 4 = PhP 500.00
      • Entrance Fee: Apo Island PhP 100.00
      • Tour Guide: Apo Island PhP 300.00 / 4 = PhP 75.00
      • Others (optional) : Snorkel P100 + Life Vest P100 = PhP 200.00
      • Fare: Bus + Trike back to accommodation PhP 33.00
      • Food Lunch: PhP 100.00
      • Fare: Jeep from Dumaguete to La-laan, San Jose PhP 15.00
      • Tour: Habal-habal roundtrip Twin Lakes Balinsasayao PhP 400 / 2 pax = PhP 200.00
      • Fare: Jeep and trike going back to inn PhP 23.00
      • Total: PhP 1114.00

    • Total Expense: PhP 4,046.5
    What are you waiting for?


    Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


    1. Well presented. Helped me decide where I should go on my first trip ;)

    2. Hi, I'm planning my trips in Dumaguete. Is it possible to squeeze Manjuyod Sandbar trip as well as Casarroro falls in one day? I noticed that you did it in your itinerary. Is it super rush?
      I was thinking of doing Cassaroro Falls on the 3rd day morning, basically waking up early for the trip. Any idea what time does the Habal-Habal starts working? I need to be back in Dumaguete by 11-ish since my boat ride to Siquijor is at 12.50 pm.
      Thank you

      1. Hi there! It's not super rush, Casaroro Falls is just 30-45 minutes away from Dumaguete and it's easy to get there. You can leave Manjuyod around 12 noon and be back at Dumaguete around 2PM then you could go to Casaroro and Pulang Bato.

        If you want to do it on your 3rd day, just contact ahead some of the habal-habal drivers and inform them that you will be going on that time.

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