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El Nido: Tour A - Lagoons and Beaches!

Planning to have an El Nido trip but you don't have any idea which tour to get? Well, I suggest all of it, LOL! But if you're on a limited time in El Nido, Here's an article that might help you choose which tour to take. One of the most popular tours in El Nido is tour A (as well as Tour C). Tour A primarily composes of lagoons and beaches. The tour is a full day activity usually start around 8 or 9 am to 4 or 6 pm and has 5 destinations.
Welcome to El Nido Tour A

Here's the destinations that makes Tour A one of the most popular tours and why you should totally include this tour to your itinerary.

Small Lagoon

The first destination is one of my favorite spots in El Nido. Small lagoon is located in Miniloc Island. Surrounded by turquoise, green waters and limestone walls, the lagoon is quite a picturesque scene. To get to the lagoon, one must swim or ride a kayak through a hole in its limestone wall. Inside, you can swim, relax on the kayak and just appreciate the beauty of it.
Approaching Small Lagoon

Waiting area for boats

Kayaks for rental

Got a little traffic going inside the Small Lagoon

Singing while paddling in Small Lagoon

Big Lagoon

The next destination is also a lagoon but it is bigger, well, you can tell because of its name. Anyways, it is just a short ride from the small lagoon. It is usually done immediately since boats cannot pass by when it's low tide. Like small lagoon, Big lagoon has a picturesque scene of turquoise, green waters and limestone formations. You'll be just cruising on Big lagoon and then proceed to the n next destination, but you can ask your guide to just jump off and enjoy the water for a bit.
Here we go Big Lagoon!

Just look at that view

Just a beauty!

Rock formations in Big Lagoon

See you again Big Lagoon!

Shimizu Island

The morning part of the tour is almost spent in the 2 lagoons. Which is why the next destination is where guests have their lunch. Shimizu island is a nice island covered with thin, sharp black limestone. While the boatmen prepare the lunch, guests can snorkel around the area to see its amazing marine life. When Shimizu island is packed, the other guests go to other nearby coves to have their lunch.
Rugged beauty

Simple yet, delicious lunch!

Secret Lagoon

Haven't had enough of lagoons yet. Secret lagoon, well, which is not that secret anymore, is just a short ride from Shimizu island. The entrance to the lagoon is through a hole. It is surrounded by again, amazing black limestone and it is smaller than small lagoon. It should probably be called smaller lagoon LOL.
Right side is the entrance to secret lagoon

Hole to get inside secret lagoon 
Secret Lagoon

Yeah, you don't need a life vest in secret lagoon, it's not even deep LOL

Seven Commandos Beach

The beach where seven Japanese commandos took refuge during world war 2, as told by the locals. Seven Commandos Beach is the final stop of Tour A, where guests spend the whole afternoon. It is one of the most popular beaches in El Nido, that is why establishments are found here. The beach has a beautiful shore with creamy brown sand. A perfect place to conclude an incredible tour in El Nido.
Approaching Seven Commandos Beach

Nice fine sand

Halo-halo, perfect snack on the beach!

The Seven Commandos, they're kinda small

Beach is nice, and then there's this view!

Quick Tips

  • Be early as you can to start the tour to get to the destinations first
  • Bring extra money for kayak rental in small lagoon
  • Tour A doesn't require much use of a snorkel gear
  • You can ask your tour provider to re-arrange your itinerary from the usual to avoid a crowd
  • Seven Commandos Beach has been establishments where you can buy food or refreshments (prices are higher than usual)
Cheers from El Nido!,


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!