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El Nido: Tour C - Beach Bum Haven

We've some islands with lovely beaches, beautiful lagoons and amazing caves, but El Nido still has more to boast. Tour C, one of the most popular and tourists' favorite tour, will show us more of the lovely beaches of El Nido!

Hidden Beach

The first beach is located on Matinloc Island. Hidden Beach is, well, hidden between two huge limestone formations. There's a passage between those two limestone formation going to the beach that you need to swim since boats can't go there. The beach is surrounded by limestone formations and tall trees at the back.
Boat docking area
Matinloc Island
Hidden Beach
Shores of hidden beach

Matinloc Shrine

After Hidden Beach, just a nearby destination is Matinloc Shrine. Matinloc Shrine or known as Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc is an abandoned site that was built around 1982. The shrine offers a great view of the ocean. You'll just need to climb a huge limestone rock to see that.
The abandoned site
Shrine of Our Lady of Matinloc

View from the cliff
A nearby coral reef in Masinloc Shrine

Star or Talisay Beach

Star and Talisay beach are the beach stops where you will be having lunch. Both beaches are located on Tapiutan Island. You can snorkel and swim around while waiting for the tour guides for the lunch.

Kain na!

Chill after a meal

Secret Beach

The next beach is on the other side of Matinloc Island. Among the destinations of Tour C, Secret Beach probably has the most "wow! factor" according to our tour guide. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to see it personally since when we did Tour C, waves are too strong for our boat to dock. Hence, I'll give you some pictures I got from my friends who visited it. By the way, they also said wow!

Helicopter Island

There are no helicopters or even helipad on this destination. It got its name from the shape of the mountain on it. A helicopter without blades. It is usually the last destination of Tour C since it is close to the town of El Nido. Helicopter island has a very nice beach that creamy fine sand. A perfect destination to end the tour.
Helicopter Island

The island has a nice shore

Cheers from El Nido!


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