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El Nido: Tour B and D - Caves and Islands

Tours A and C are probably the most popular and tourist favorite tours in El Nido. But, your El Nido experience won't be complete if tours B and D are not included. Tour B includes caves and other beautiful islands while Tour D includes a lagoon and some beautiful beaches. Usually, a whole day is spent for each tour in El Nido, but, you also have the option to combine two tours together.

The only disadvantage when combining tours is the time allotted for each destination in the tour will be lessened or not all destinations will be visited. Anyways, here's our destinations for the combo tours B and D.


Pinagbuyutan is an island that is part of Tour B, with a huge limestone rock and a beautiful white sand beach filled with coconut trees. A very relaxing place where you can enjoy swimming.

Pinagbuyutan Island
Closer look to the island
Coconut trees welcomes you!

A short walk along the coconut tress and tall grass to the beach area
This is just the first stop but look at that view!
What a view!
Pinagbuyutan Island's beach
And swim we must!


The next destination is a cave that is also part of Tour B. However, the boat will only stop at the entrance of the cave where guests can only take pictures of the entrance. Guests are not allowed to swim or go kayaking inside the cave since there might be some snakes or other dangerous creatures living inside.
Approaching the island with Cathedral Cave
The tall cave entrance

Approaching the cave entrance

What we can only see on the entrance
And just a picture at the entrance


Another cave which is also part Tour B is Cudugnon Cave. This cave is located in Cudugnon Island. The entrance of the cave is a small hole along the shores of the island. To get inside, you need to crawl through. Inside the cave is limestone rock formations.
Going to the cave
The start of the entrance is big

And then this
Inside the cave
Limestone formations inside the cave


After the caves, the tour continues to islands with beautiful beaches. Next stop is Entalula Island, still part of Tour B. The island has a public beach and is a main stop over to have lunch. Guest can enjoy the beach and go snorkeling around while the tour guides prepares the lunch.

Next stop: Lunch! and Entalula Island

Docking to Entalula Island
Snorkeling spot on Entalula Island
Just relaxing after that great meal!


Nope, there are no snakes on this island. In fact, monkeys live on this island. Snake Island got its name from the shape of a sandbar connecting the island to another island. Snake island also has a view deck where you can have the view of the sandbar. Snake island is part of tour B.
Snake Island
That little hut on the top of the island is the view deck
Is this for real?
The sandbar that will lead you to the view deck
At the other side is an island where Snake Island connects (they're have a moment)
That way!
Saw this fellow on the way to the view deck
And there's that view again!
The snake sandbar!
Lovely view!
Now, my turn!


Next on the tour is Cadlao Lagoon, which is located in Cadlao Island and part of Tour D. Along the way to the lagoon, there is a shallow area which is perfect for some snorkeling. The lagoon boasts its turquoise water surrounded by limestone formations. And there's monkeys living on the island.
Cadlao Island
There's the lagoon! Can you see? No?
Need to swim to the lagoon
Off to the lagoon
Saw this little guy on the way to the lagoon
During low tide in Cadlao Lagoon
Enjoying the lagoon

Dinner for our boatmen


These beaches are part of tour D and a few of these beaches is included in the combined tours B and D. For us, we only visited one of these beaches, but I forgot which beach it is, anyways I'm sure all of these beaches are beautiful.
"Can't remember the name" Beach

El Nido is truly a paradise, so make sure to visit all of these places to fully experience El Nido! Thanks for reading!
Cheers from El Nido!


  • Be early as you can to start the tour to get to the destinations first
  • You can ask your tour provider to re-arrange your itinerary from the usual to avoid a crowd
  • Bring a snorkeling gear, Cadlao Lagoon has a very nice spot for snorkeling


Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!

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