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North Cebu Adventure: The Virgin Island of Bantayan Island

Virgin Island or also known as Sillion Island locally, is one of the main attractions in Bantayan Island. It is a small privately owned island that is just a boat away from the main island that. Here's our experience on the island.

Getting There

The island is around 20-30 minutes away from the main island of Bantayan (if you do not know how to go to Bantayan Island, click here). Since it is a private island, there are no regular passenger boat going to it so you need rent one. The rates depend on the size of the boat. A boat which is good for 4-6 people is around P800 to P1300. You can ask your place of accommodation for the boat.
Approaching Virgin Island

Entrance and Fees

  • Entrance Fee: P500 for first 2, P100 for additional pax (senior citizen discount applies)
  • Day tour Cottages: P300 - P1000 (depends on size)
  • Overnight Cottages (No A/C): P1500 good for five, P100 for additional pax

"Entrance Fee"
Table with tent
Small hut cottage

What to Eat

You can bring your own cooked food and you can also use the grill. They can also cook for you if you brought uncooked food. There is also a small store where you can buy chips and beverages.
Kaon ta!

The Island

As soon as we reached Santa Fe, we immediately checked-in and rented a boat to go to Virgin Island. We dock on the beach side of the island. The island is small but you can't explore the whole of it. The beach area is where all guests stay for the day tour and the overnight stay. It was a little gloomy that day but, that doesn't stop of on enjoying the beautiful island.
Boat docking area of the island

He thought it was Beer-Gin Island

Leave all your secrets behind

Scallop shell curtain

Lifeguard station

The beach area is wide. There are playing area for beach volleyball, hammocks and lounge chairs where you can relax, and a garden-like area where grass, plants and trees are groomed. The island is perfect if you just want to have a quiet, relaxing getaway. But, if you are looking for some activities like snorkeling, you might get disappointed since there's just a very little marine life around the island. There's also no water activities available. 
The beach area

The Koreanovela pose

Beach Hammock Photo #1

Beach Hammock Photo #2

Beach Hammock Photo #3

Stolen kunyari effect

A little growing twig (obviously, just want to show off my photography skills lol)

The garden-like area

Cheers from Virgin Island!
So, expect just a quiet, relaxing and enjoyable moment in this beautiful island if you are to visit. Thanks for reading, you may also check here for a Bantayan Island Travel Guide.


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