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Guimaras: Travel Guide and Itinerary

Guimaras Island is a perfect side trip destination when you are visiting Iloilo and Negros. The island is home to some pristine white-sand beaches and beautiful islets and of course, its mangoes are considered to be one of the sweetest in the world. So, here's a travel guide and itinerary that can give you some ideas for your travel in Guimaras.
Welcome to the home of the sweetest mangoes!

How to get there

Guimaras is an island between the island of Panay and Negros. The only way to get to the island is via sea travel since there are no commercial flights available here.
Jordan Port


  • Ride a jeep or cab going to either Ortiz Wharf or Parola Wharf.
  • Take a 15-minute boat ride to Jordan Port in Guimaras for 14.00 per person(one-way).
  • In Jordan Port, You can rent a tricycle for PhP 250.00 (max of 4) that will take you directly to your destination
  • If you prefer commuting, you can take a jeep for PhP 30.00 to the town proper. From there, you need to ride a tricycle again going to your destination.
  • You can also hire the entire boat for PhP 500.00.
  • The earliest trip starts 5:30 am from Ortiz Wharf while 6:30 am from Jordan. The boat usually carries 45 passengers and usually leaves every 15 minutes or when it gets full.

  • Tourist Information Center in Jordan


  • From the city proper, take a 30-45 minute bus or cab ride to Pulupandan Wharf.
  • Then take a pump boat in the port going to San Lorenzo, Guimaras.
  • Travel time is around 45 minutes and the fare is PhP 75.00. The first trip usually starts around 8 am.

  • Where to Stay

    Accommodations in the islands are mostly beach resorts. Alubihod beach in Nueva Valencia is a popular beach on the island where tourists also stay since it's also a jump-off point for island hopping activities.

  • Raymen Beach Resort: +63 918 520-7271 (Rates from PhP 700)
  • BarasBeach Resort: +63 918 520-7271 (Rates from PhP 700)
  • Alobijod Cove: +63 922 862-6972 (Rates from PhP 1000)
  • Camp Alfredo+63 908 123-2977 (Rates from PhP 1500)

  • Raymen Beach Resort
    Lifeguard house at Raymen

    Getting Around the Island

    The main mode of public transportation in the island is by jeepney. There are also tricycles, motorcycles, and multi-cabs. Taking a jeepney usually takes more time since you have to wait for them to come or they have to load passengers in some barangay. Tricycles, motorcycles and multi-cabs however, are more convenient but costs more.
    Tricycles and motorcycles along San Miguel, Jordan
    Map and tourist destinations in Guimaras (*insert"what is this? a map for ants?!"meme here*)

    Activities and Attraction

    Here are some attractions you can see and activities you can do in Guimaras.

  • Explore the Island - Have a land tour via motorcycle or multi-cab. You can visit different tourist destinations like The Smallest Plaza, Windmills in San Lorenzo, Holy Family Hills, Trappist Monastery, Guisi Lighthouse and many more.
    Windmills in San Lorenzo
  • Island Hopping - See the natural beauty of Guimaras by having an island hopping tour. Visit the beautiful islets and pristine white-sand beaches of the island.
    Alubihod Beach
  • Have an Adventure - Try out some outdoor activities like a game of paintball, rappelling, zip line, obstacle course and crossing a hanging bridge in Guimaras Adventure Park and Camp Alfredo.
    Camp Alfredo
  • Taste the Sweetest Mango - Have a taste of one of the sweetest mango in the world. You also try the famous Mango Pizza in Pitstop Restaurant.
    Pitstop Restaurant's Mango Pizza
  • Shop for Pasalubong and Souvenirs - Buy some pasalubong at Trappist Monastery's gift shop like dried mangoes, mango bars, otaps and more. You can also buy a miniature galleon ship made by the locals.
    Trappist Monastic Products

  • Itinerary

    Here's a basic 2 days, 1-night side trip itinerary that includes some land tours and island hopping tour.
    • Day 1 - Explore the Island
      • 08:30 AM - ETD Ortiz Wharf, Iloilo
      • 08:45 AM - ETA Jordan Wharf, Guimaras (15-minute boat ride)
      • 08:50 AM - Register in Tourist Information Center / Start of Land Tour
      • 09:00 AM - First Half Stops: Smallest Plaza, San Lorenzo Windmills, Holy Family Hills
      • 12:00 NN - Lunch at Pitstop Restaurant in San Miguel, Jordan
      • 01:00 PM - Second Half Stops: Trappist Monastery, Camp Alfredo, Guisi Lighthouse/Beach, Alubihod Beach
      • 07:00 PM - Check in to Beach Resort
    • Day 2 - Island Hopping
      • 07:00 AM - Wake up time / Breakfast
      • 08:00 AM - ETD Beach Resort / Start of Island Hopping
      • 11:00 AM - End of 3-hour Island Hopping Tour (you can see 5 destinations in 3 hours)
      • 12:00 NN - Lunch time / Free time till departure from the island
      • --:-- PM - Back to Iloilo
    Crabs for lunch in Raymen Beach Resort
    Bangus Feeding in SEAFDEC
    Snorkeling spot near SEAFDE


    Here's a breakdown of our expenses in our 2 days, 1-night side trip on Guimaras island. The breakdown is per person and only includes necessary expenses like transportation, meals, entrance fees and accommodation. Tips and other expenses like "pasalubong" are not included.
    • Day 1 - Iloilo to Guimaras
      • Jeepney Fare to Ortiz Wharf: PhP 7.00
      • Boat Fare to Jordan Port, Guimaras: PhP 14.00
      • Land Tour (via Tricycle - good for 4): PhP 1300.00 (1300/2 = 650 per person)
      • Lunch PhP 200.00
      • Entrance Fee at Guisi Lighthouse: PhP 20.00
      • Fan Room Accommodation at Raymen (good for 2): PhP 950.00 (950/2 = 475 per person)
      • Dinner PhP 125.00
      • Total: PhP 1491.00
    • Day 2 - Guimaras to Iloilo
      • Breakfast: PhP 90.00
      • 3-Hour Island Hopping Tour: PhP 700.00 (700/2 = 350 per person)
      • Entrance Fee at SEAFDEC: PhP 25.00
      • Lunch: PhP 250.00
      • Tricycle Fare from Resort to Highway: PhP 25.00
      • Jeepney Fare to Jordan Port: Php 30.00
      • Boat Fare to Iloilo: PhP 14.00
      • Total: PhP 784.00
    • Total Expense: PhP 2,275.00
    Come on, let's go!


    Hey there, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and helped you out with some travel tips and ideas. Please do leave a comment if you have some comments or suggestions and I'll gladly answer it. Cheers!


    1. Thank you for sharing your article :)

    2. Informative! Very helpful on my upcoming trip on the Island. Thanks!

    3. hi, would like to ask if how would we get there in San Lorenzo if we are in Jordan? and how long is the travel? thank you.

    4. Hi! Do you have a contact of your guide? We have an upcoming trip to Guimaras. Your article is very helpful!

    5. Hi, what if I opted a day tour island hopping in Guimaras on March 9. Is it possible? Coz we need to be back same day in Iloilo City.

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