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Negros Island: The Waterfalls of Mambukal Resort

Another activity you could have on your Bacolod trip is to hike the seven waterfalls of Mambukal Mountain Resort. It's a perfect activity to burn those calories you got from the food trips in Bacolod City.

How To Get There

Mambukal Resort is located in the town of Murcia, 31 KM east of Bacolod. The resort is 1200 feet above sea level and is near Mt. Kanlaon.
  • From Bacolod City, go to Libertad and ride a mini bus going directly to Mambukal Resort.
  • The travel time is around an hour or more, and the fare is PhP 35.00.
  • Mini bus going to Murcia
    Not sure if Mt. Kanlaon, but google maps says so LOL

    Mambukal Resort

    Entrance fee to the resort is PhP 50.00 for adults and PhP 25.00 for children. Aside from hiking to the waterfalls, there are other activities you can do here like bat watching, swimming (with hot a spring), boating, camping, wall climbing and more. They also offer accommodations.
    Mambukal Resort
    Resort Accommodation
    Plant/flower shop
    The hot spring
    Sulfur water (no swimming allowed)
    The pool
    Slide for life
    Camp site
    Lagoon where you can have a boat ride

    Hike to the Waterfalls

    Mambukal has seven waterfalls that have different heights. There are no more fees going to the waterfalls, but you need to hire a guide. The tour guide fee doesn't have standard rates but, usually starts around PhP 200.00.
    Map of the resort
    During our visit to Mambukal, some of the paths are closed because of the landslide caused by the rain. We only got the see 2 out of the 7 waterfalls. The sixth and seventh. Though it was just two waterfalls, the hike is still a little challenging.
    Path going to the waterfalls

    Our hike started by riding a "habal-habal" to the jump off point. We paid PhP 50.00 for the one-way ride. We hike through some fields and crossed some small body of waters. We reached the back of the sixth waterfall after around 30 minutes. We took a little rest and some photos of the sixth waterfall. This is also the area where you can jump to the water.
    Start of hike
    Photo stop for the flowers
    Crossing a rocky stream
    More rocky stream crossing
    Almost there
    The sixth waterfalls

    After 30 or 45 minutes of hiking, we reach the seventh waterfall. The seventh waterfall is not that tall, but still a beauty and the water is nice for swimming. I was rejuvenated from the hike when I took a dip in it.
    Continuing the hike to the seventh waterfall
    Stream crossing again
    Just a little more
    Bamboo bridge
    The seventh waterfall of Mambukal
    Another view of the seventh waterfall
    We just stayed there for an hour since we need to go back to Bacolod to catch our flight back home. Though, we only got to see 2 out of the 7 waterfalls of Mambukal, it was still a nice experience. I hope next visit, we'll able to see all the 7 of them! Thanks for reading!
    Cheers from Murcia!


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