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Negros Island: Heritage Houses in Silay

Aside from the famous 'The Ruins' in Talisay City, another attraction you can visit on Negros Island is the Heritage Houses its neighboring city, Silay City, or the 'Paris of Negros Island'. Silay is one of the two cities in the Philippines (Vigan is the other one) that is declared as a museum city.

How To Get There

  • From Bacolod City, ride a jeep bound to "Bata". The fare is around PhP 10.00.
  • Get off at Northbound Terminal, then ride a bus to Silay City. Fare is around PhP 15.00
  • Your landmark to get off is the El Ideal Bakery or San Diego Pro-Cathedral.

  • Ceres bus bound to Silay City
    San Diego Pro-Cathedral
    Inside the Cathedral

    The distance of the houses to each other is just near so can you can just walk around. There are around 30 heritage house and three houses are open to the public.

    Bernardino-Jalandoni House Museum

    Also known as the "Pink House", can be easily spotted since it is just along the road of course, its color (it's pink!). There is a PhP 60.00 entrance fee for adults and discounted PhP 30.00 for students. The whole ground floor of the house is a garage while the second floor is where the rooms are with antique furniture and memorabilia.
    Bernardino-Jalandoni House Museum
    The Pink House
    The Living Room
    Master Bedroom

    Dining Area
    Doll collection at the museum
    A very old telephone

    Hofileña Museum

    Just a little walk from the Pink House is the Hofileña Museum on Cinco de Noviembre Street. This is the first museum house in Silay that got open to the public and the owner still lives in the house. There's also an entrance fee of PhP 60.00 for adults and PhP 30.00 for students.
    Hofileña Ancestral House
    You're also Miked's Travel PH's "top choice" museum in Silay LOL 
    Entrance Fees
    On the ground floor are some collections and memorabilia like one of the world's smallest doll and the oldest antiquities on Negros Island and at second floor are some rare artworks of Filipino artists like Juan Luna and even Dr. Jose Rizal. However, cameras are not allowed at the second floor to protect the artworks.
    The living room
    Dining area
    Religious image and statues
    World's smallest doll
    Antique toys and books including pocket books

    Balay Negrense Museum

    Another heritage house that is open to the public is Balay Negrense or the Victor Fernandez Gaston Ancestral House. Owned by the Gaston Family, one of the pioneers in the sugar cane planting business. Entrance fee is same with the other 2, PhP 60.00 for adults and PhP 30.00 for students.
    Balay Negrense
    The house is very spacious and air is free flowing inside because of the large windows and ventanilla (small window below the big one). On the ground floor are some displays and paintings and a souvenir shop and the rooms with old furniture on the second floor.
    Pose like the artwork
    Displays around the house
    Stairs from the first floor
    The second floor
    A kid's room in the second floor
    After visiting the 3 house museums, we continued to walk around the area and saw the other heritage houses. Some have been renovated while some are in bad condition. Walking under the sun will surely get you thirsty and hungry, so a perfect way to end the Silay Tour is having the famous Guapple Pie of the oldest bakeshop and restaurant in Silay, El Ideal Bakery.
    Other heritage houses
    A heritage house in a not so good condition
    Silay's Original
    Breads and souvenir shirts inside the bake shop

    The guapple pie and a mango shake
    So there you have it, the Heritage Houses of Silay. Be sure to include this in your itinerary to experience one of the great attractions of Negros Island. Thanks for reading!
    Cheers from Silay!


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